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Kenneth Romero Turin, Italy
B-2 Bomber plane splash screen

Gnome 2 Splash Screens by powerpunch 1 comment

However the planes in your wallpaper are not B-2s. They are SR-71 Blackbirds (or their older bother, the A-12) which are currently, the fastest known manned aircraft in the world. The B-2 looks MUCH different. - Apr 11 2010

Full Icon Themes by jarryson 4 comments


Using a standard format will get you more downloads. I have never heard of .xz until now. - Mar 09 2010

Icon Sub-Sets by diablo9983 1 comment

These icons are OK for a first time uploader. A couple things:

If you are going for a PS icon style, then the symbol should be text in the similar fashion to the CS4 series. If you are going for a glyph, then on the ones, I would omit the bird icon (except on the main OO.o icon) and allow the individual app's glyph fill in the space. - Mar 01 2010
DockbarX sunny theme

DockbarX Themes by bigrza 8 comments

This is a very nice DockBarX theme. It looks very good with my overall theme. Thank for sharing this! - Jan 26 2010

Full Icon Themes by ukrop 12 comments

Hmm, not bad. It's not something I would use personally however I have some that I am "converting" to Linux and these would be quite useful to help "bridge" the gap. - Jan 20 2010
UniQ by Scnd101

GTK2 Themes by 3dshifter 3 comments

My thoughts exactly. Some good previews would be nice and we have a bit of confusion here

To the poster, you sure you are posting a GTK theme or did you get some wires crossed? Granted, I would love if a GTK flavor of this theme was posted. - Jan 20 2010
all base distros stickers 4.1

Cliparts by jmming 67 comments

Any chance we could see these uploaded to someplace other than MegaDownload? These would be a better fit on DeviantART. - Dec 07 2009