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Jesús Fernández Sevilla, Spain

Kopete Styles by ZXP6 6 comments

You need to have <div id="insert" /> in both Content and NextContent.
When you have consecutive messages what's in NextContent will sustitute that "insert". That's why you need the insert in both files. - Jun 11 2011

Kopete Styles by ZXP6 6 comments

Ah, you want consecutive. Then you are probably missing some template file, like NextContent.

You probably know this guide:

Or just see the files in my mod and learn from there ;) - Jun 11 2011

Kopete Styles by ZXP6 6 comments

You can control the concatenated messages with Kopete's configuration, if you want them to show all together or separately.

The horizontal bar has to do with css's overflow. If a word is too long it will create problems. You choose whether to show the bar or hide the part that's overflowing or whatever.

As for the gradient... I don't know, if konqueror supports it, I guess Kopete will do too. - Jun 11 2011
Plasma WiFi

Plasma 4 Extensions by ochoha 52 comments

When are we having a version for KDE 4.2? :D
I miss it in my desktop now :) - Jan 27 2009
Simple Smileys

Emoticons by leothar 7 comments

they are broken :( - Jan 19 2009
Smooth Tasks

Plasma 4 Extensions
by panzi

8 .7
9   Jan 31 2011
Adjustable Clock

Plasma 4 Extensions
by Emdek

8 .4
9   Oct 15 2010