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Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements
KWin drop shadow patches

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements 134 comments

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Apr 29 2004
well lets summarize:

i've fixed the 'change-shadow-parameters-and-hit-the-apply-button-and-then-nothing-happens'-bug, but there's a new (?) problem: the kdelibs-patch seems to be broken, cause passing events to lower clients through the shadow doesn't work anymore :/
but lets see, if we can fix this too ;) - Jul 31 2004
cause the patch doesn't provide a clean api, an is kinda 'broken' at the moment (kde 3.3) theres need to fix some things which changed from kde 3.2 to kde3.3. and i don't think the kdedevs want to have a unfinished/not fully functional patch included...
but i'll have a look at the patch this week, but for now i need a rest...exams suck ;) - Jul 27 2004
sorry, i've forgotten a bit: our problem is, that taking the wallpaper cutting the part out we need for the shadow and update the shadow, takes a lot of cpu-time. when we would let the shadows stay there all the time, we would have two possibilities: old shadow-content when moving and update on halt, or continous updating while moving, which would have a large cpu-overhead - who want's that?

i hope freedesktop's xserver will be ready in a while, that one supports transparency from the server-side and therefor cool shadows :) but the thingy is not running over here :/

take a look: - Jul 22 2004
thats right, but the problem is, that the shadows and their transparency are totally faked, because the xserver doesn't support alpha-transparency (yet?). the macos thingy supports that, so everything there is done by opengl and hardware-accel...shadows, menus, macos supports 'real' transparency while all transparencies on the xserver are faked by taking a part of the background, tint/fade/style/etc it and put it in the app...

i thought about using opengl-shadows, but i don#t think i would work very well...but let#s see ;) - Jul 21 2004
it's enough to make this:

tar jxf kdebase-x.x.x.tar.bz2
cd kdebase-x.x.x/kwin
patch -p0 -s <
cd ..
./configure --your-famous-args
cd kwin
su -c make install

so there's no need to recompile kdebase completely (i hope so *g* ;) - Jul 11 2004
it's working over here...
the only thing thats buggin' me, is that we need to move a window around after changing the shadow-properties, because the shadows aren't redrawn...i'll have a closer look on that after my exams...hopefully ;)

so try it out if you want:

thanx to the author for that great piece of code :) - Jul 11 2004
how do you mean that?:
"Yes, I do not apply patch for kdefx"

you did apply it?

then i will recompile kdelibs without it...i just have to fix my gcc-3.4.1 prob ;) - Jul 11 2004
do you have the kdelibs.kdefx-patch applied as well? i thought it would be the cause for the your answer could save me a kdelibs-recompile :) - Jul 11 2004
yeah i know that...i did get it to apply and compile, but theres now a 'bug'... shadows work as normal, until you click on the desktop or into the shadow. than the shadow disappears from that window...looks very strange ;) - Jul 11 2004
the windeco on the screenshot is this one: - Jul 09 2004
kewl :)

i compiled it this night, but haven't tested it yet...but i'm glad that it's working :)

@the author: keep up the work, that patch is awesome :) - Jul 07 2004
so it does work? - Jul 06 2004
ok here it is:

there only had to be one thing removed ;) some spaces where 'fixed' within kde-3.2.3...
by the way: kde 3.2.3 isn't that much overworked than 3.2.2, it's mostly only a 'big' bugfix ;)

i hope the author doesn't mind, changing the patch...

the kdelibs-kdefx-patch still download the authors tar.gz and the updated patch from the url above...

happy compiling :)

(i will have to do so myself ;) - Jul 06 2004
ok ok, i will try to do so this afternoon. but i can't test it, cause i don't have that much time (i'm struggling with my exams - 4 in the next 3 weeks :( - Jul 06 2004
the patch for kde3.2.2 should be editable to fit onto 3.2.3 ... if i get some time for that i could do that. i only did the 'hackaround' on the patch to be able to apply it onto 3.3.0alpha1 ... works fine here on my notebook ;)

is this project still maintained? just askin, cause there's no new patch for 3.2.3... - Jul 05 2004

Video Apps 100 comments

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Jan 11 2008

got one problem: when playing a movie, it is started in an seperate mplayer-window. thats not supposed to be so, isn't it? i would like it to be in the kplayer moviewindow :)

or did i just miss a configuration option?

by the way i'm running kde 3.2.3 gcc 3.3.3 an qt 3.2.3 (i think so)

i'll give it a try with gcc 3.4 :)

by the way, a cool feature would be a systray-integration. i like that a lot like in kaffeine, but i like mplayer more than xine :) - Jul 06 2004