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Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements 125 comments

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Nov 14 2006
yeah, that would be somewhat tricky to code, but imho it would be a very nice feature =) - Sep 27 2005
does this improvement enable just an global menu (same entries all the time) or does it use selection possibilities provided by each application, so that one could hide the menu bar for example (like the desktop bar on top of the screen does) - Sep 26 2005
Metabar Rounded Theme

Various KDE 1.-4. Styles 13 comments

by lost
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Aug 01 2005
how about a silver or aluminium version?
i would like to see that :-) - Sep 25 2005
KWin drop shadow patches for kde3.3

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements 71 comments

by zuxez
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Oct 20 2004
no, currently not. but if i get time to have a closer look at the code, there might be a new release. but for now, the patch segfaults when maximizing some windows *ouch* - Sep 06 2005
just an update: got em back working with kde3.5-cvs, but segfaulting here and there...lets see if i can find some time to check the code... - Sep 04 2005
you need the kdebase sources. grab it somewhere from extract it, and there you'll find the right directories.
but beware to have the right version! - Sep 03 2005
hi folks!

well, i thought about re-porting the patch to kde3.4 kde3.5-cvs, as my notebook is too lame to handle xcomposite very well. and on the other side, the (xc|k)ompmgr kills my xserver regularly, so i'm not using it at all xD

i just got back to kde last week, after trying to get kde-cvs (aka kde4) running, but qt4 doesn't seem to like my system, as i haven't got any fonts running in qt4 - thats not soo good ;-)

i have no clue about the xinerama-problem. i tried to re-write the compositing manager, but have failed on a very slow and lame program...

so if i get some time, i'll do my very best to re-port the patch, but i can't guarantee anything... - Sep 03 2005
hmm yeah that _should_ be ok, but i can't guarantee that, cause i can't test the package or build one :/ - Oct 21 2004
hmm seems a --force to be needed, or something like that. and please be sure tu have kde-3.3.0 installed for the deb, as it is only for kde3.3.0 - Oct 21 2004
well, as i don't have a rpm-based distro (using gentoo), there won't be rpm's from my side. but if someobe wants to build some, i would host/link 'em if they aren't too big.

if you wan't to use xorg's composite extension, than checkout this:

if you still want to use this patch here, than get urself a kdebase-3.3.1.tar.bz2 or whatever kdebase-3.3.1-source-package you want and unpack it, cd into kdebase-3.3.1 and do:

patch -p0 < /path/to/kwin_shadow_patch/kdebase-XXX.patch

./configure --prefix=`kde-config --prefix` --disable-debug

cd kwin


make install (as root)

ps ax | grep kwin
kill && kwin &
exit (if kwin started)

thats all, simple, isn't it? :) - Oct 20 2004
the link is working again. i just downloaded it to my webspace ;)

take this, if the other link is broken again. i hope the author doesn't mind...

link: - Oct 20 2004
look here for cool stuff:

i'm posting there patches too :) - Sep 14 2004
open /usr/portage/kde-base/kdebase/kdebase-3.3.0.ebuild and put
cd ${S}
epatch ${FILESDIR}/kdebase.kwin-kwin_shadow-3.3.0.patch

at the end of the src-unpack section. then unpack the patch-file and put kdebase.kwin-kwin_shadow-3.3.0.patch in /usr/portage/kde-base/kdebase/files
and then type emerge kdebase

to be able to use this even after an emerge sync, make use of $PORTAGE_OVERLAY. read the gentoo-docs... - Sep 13 2004
which settings do you have edited?
do you mean this patch here or the other patch, which crashed your control-center?

well, i haven't figured out any conrol-center problems with the kwin-drop-shadow patch. but nobodies an all-seeing eye ;) - Sep 12 2004
well i'm getting a bit further. the manager now displays windows correctly, and accepts transparency-changes/takes set values when started. but i must figure out, why he restacks a configured window under the toplevel one...and the biggest problem at the moment, is the hunger for cpu-power - it bites my ass with 100% :/ but i'll keep an eye on that...but for now i need a break... - Sep 12 2004

the win-deco is something i started a while ago, but haven't finished yet, due to other coding-things...

man, if i just could figure out, why my compmgr doesn't work when using a buffering picture for drawing :/ - Sep 12 2004
i've noticed that other patch. but it's just a dirty hack to still need xcompmgr which is kinda unstable...but i'm working on an reimplementation using c++/qt/(kde)

i still need to implement the drawing routine and 2 events *i think* and then i need to test it, and debug it...and to hope it works, well the first try didn't :( - Sep 11 2004
thanks...i've just put it to the download-links if it's ok for you. btu i found only a kdelibs*.tbz when following the link - Sep 11 2004
yeah i know, that, but i don't like the idea of another application to be running to do that. and maybe the get theirself in trouble when both mapping/unmapping windows (program and wm)

but, for the starting the program i'm working on will be a program - man what a useless statement ;)

after this is working, i will think about integrating it into kwin. this way, i don't kill my kwin all the time *hehe* :)

cya - Sep 08 2004
hmm i don't know if keith's xcompmgr brought some problems to you as well, at least it did for crashes randomly, and yes toggling of the settings is a real pain, but for transparency it worked within kwin (right-click on windowbar -> advanced -> toggle transparent on off ;)

the other problem is, that keith's shadows aren't drawn relative to the shape of the window, so you wil have corruptions, because they take window_height x window_width, but not every deco is built to fill that space out -> the spare sections give weird colours ;)

and on the other hand, it is a good start to get familiar with x-calls and so on... ;) - Sep 08 2004
yeah i thought of that allready, but i still tried it, and it didn't work - my fault. at least kwin's not crashing anymore ;)

well i think i'll try from scratch ;) - Sep 07 2004
yes thats right. but i'm 'working' on that - or kinda that.

currently i'm trying to put that thing just as it is in, because doing it by myself gave me stupid badrenderpicture errors, i wasn't able to fix :( - Sep 04 2004
hmm it doesn't work for me too :(
just that tiny preview is displayed

but if you want you can mail it to me and i'll put it up on my homepage to the other 3 ;) - Sep 04 2004
@qbast: ok you were right. xserver just puts the things together you give it, but that makes the thing a bit more difficult for me :/

but lets see if there's a chance to get this working... - Sep 01 2004
hi folks!

well i just did some kwin-hacking again ;)

transparency can be toggled per kwin, so there's no need for transset ;)

if i can bite my ass, i will do some more research about xcmoposite and xcompmgr for kwin-integration ;)

but for now its time to get some sleep (-_-)zzzZzzZzzzzz - Aug 31 2004
sorry, i cant built those packages. or is there a possibility to do so without the specific distro?

and if there would be someone building such a package, i would host it on some webspace, or put the link on the download-section - Aug 31 2004
thanx, glad to hear that you like it.

but i 'just' ported and modified the patch...but it was hard enough to understand whats happening in there ;)

the kdelibs3.3 and kdebase3.3 patch should apply without any warning on kde 3.3.0...

by the way: was anyone so heroic and tried the binary? i would be interested, wheather it works or not - if not, i could just delete it (but backup your original libs first) - Aug 30 2004
ship should be chip ;)

well, if you like kde, you could just use metacity instead of kwin and could still use kde, but without the windeco... - Aug 30 2004
good to hear that, but my cpu is too slow :/ without anything running, moving a window gets me 100% cpu-usage and then it begins to slow everything down, until it finally hangs complety until kill per ssh :(

my laptops cpu is strong enough, but the graphics ship is not :/

i'll checkout cvs tomorrow, maybe there is some new code

ok i've got to hang on that shell-script here again... - Aug 30 2004
thanx, but you should thank deciare, because he was the original coder of this patch

well, you should know that the current state of xcomposite/xdamage/xshadow is unstable. its slow, and causes some shadow-corruptions.

but if you just want to try it, you can set in /etc/portage/package.unmask

to unmask the needed ebuilds. then you can emerge it by calling:
emerge xorg-x11 xcompmgr transset

(maybe you need to 'emerge sync' before)

you need to uninstall xfree first, if it is installed.

don't expect too much, but with a fast cpu and a good gfx-card it could be useable. by the way, you have to download about 45megabytes of data... - Aug 30 2004
well the snapshot was in gentoo-portage some days ago. i thought i could give it a try. but you can achieve the same with the cvs-version. should be even better this way. i don't think that there are packages for distributions out yet...

well patching/installing is described in the install-file *wonderwonder* :)

well its not more as wget*.tar.bz2
tar jxf kdebase.*.tar.bz2
cd kdebase.*
patch -p0 < path/to/patch/kdebase.kwin_shadow*
./configure ..prefix=$KDEDIR && cd kwin && make && make install

instead of wget you could your distributions kdebase-src package, if there is one in the matching version

about the windeco: where i get it? between the left and right side of my head ;) or this way: yeah its my work...but it's not finished should be glad, that you haven't seen the shaded mode yet, you would be scared a lot ;)
i need some buttons...i have already ideas, but i'm not getting started to make them to buttons :/ - Aug 30 2004
me, my english and my expression argh ;)

WARNING: i'm thinking again ;)

i know that it uses the xcomposite extension. just using 24bit for colors and using the rest (8 bits) for alpha-blends. its just a module which can be loaded by xorg. its quite not fully useable (as you can see on the xorg_screenshot -> shadows are corrupted a bit) and its kinda slow, too. but it gives a start on this things.
ok qt-menu-transparency is borked when xcomposite enabled, and windowmoving without real hardwareaccel is a real pain.

and in my opinion i still think its server-side, because of the xcomposite-extension in the xserver it uses. metacity just utilizes this extension. so the client (metacity) is only controling the window shadows/translucency rendered by the server

but, i could be completely wrong again :D

well i'm not using it at all at the moment. cause it slows down gaming, even without 'seen' shadows/trancparency. but i will stay in touch, as i just replaced xorg-x11 install which comes with portage on gentoo, with xorg-x11-cvs which came from my side ;)

what i would like in the xserver-design would be a modularization (strange word? :) like the linux-kernel has. we would be able to perform module-[un-][re-]loads on the fly, without restarting the xserver...damn, i like to dream :D - Aug 30 2004
Tux Kurumin

Wallpaper Other 6 comments

by Luck
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Apr 17 2005
this one and PaixoesNacional look both fantastic! great work :) - Apr 18 2005
iRobot lilo splash

KDE 3.x Splash Screens 4 comments

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Dec 14 2004
looks really really nice :)
but since i'm not dual-booting i "can't" use it xD - Dec 14 2004
happyk kdm theme

KDM3 Themes 8 comments

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Nov 24 2004
man, that looks good! but there are still some bugs, aren't there? at least your screenshot shows them...the user and time-variables aren't displayed correctly. but i still looks awesome :) would be one reason to get kdm back running =) - Nov 24 2004
Kopete Visual

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements 60 comments

by gr3gg
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May 17 2005
hehe, you mean mean girl-watcher ;)

and what about her?


sorry for off-topic-ing

back to topic: what i would like to see in kopete would be vertical toolbars and that stuff, like sim can do :) - Nov 06 2004
i don't get it. i like the way kopete looks now. maybe sim looks sometimes better, but kopete has more useable features...

and whats wrong with kopete when looking at this: ?

i like it more that way, than your idea...well that's just my opinion :) - Nov 06 2004
KWin Mouse Wheel Xcomposite

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements 1 comment

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Oct 22 2004
what's that patch actually for? thomas' kwin-patch has that scrollwhell thingy allready included for some time...i think it was pressing the modifier key and then scroll the wheel...

regards... - Oct 22 2004

Wallpapers Windows 4 comments

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Oct 21 2004
hehe vertically mirrored '11' on the car ;)

but still quite cool xD - Oct 21 2004

Wallpaper Other 7 comments

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Sep 11 2004
and the release-date would be easter ;) - Sep 11 2004
hey what about a wallpaper with 'feldhase'? he looks very funny :)

btw. cool webdesign... - Sep 11 2004
that paper looks really cool, but why is the X from linux partly hidden under the right 'plate' ? - Sep 10 2004
KWin drop shadow patches

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements 134 comments

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Apr 29 2004
hey guys (and girls ;)

the patch for kde3.3.0-final will be released this weekend - at least i think so. well, i've fixed some minor shadow glitches and needless redraws. but there's still an glitch which is reproducible all the time. the good news: i know whats causing the glitch - the bad news: fixing this would cause more redraws/performance or it would need checking the order of the clients :/ (maybe i'll think about that more intensive, tomorrow)
i tried to give a more complete shadow-updating in kstyle, but QScrollView updates in applications aren't recognized and forwarded as they should :/

one more 'bad' news. this could be the last patch for kwin utilizing these shadows. the reason will be explained with the release.

i'm going to sleep now... good night :) - Aug 25 2004
well, you'll need the sources of the same version as the kde already installed. otherwise, there
might be corruptions. but you can replace kde completely by a newer version. 3.3.0 final should be
released in the next 7 days (can't remember the actual date)

and you have to take the patch for kde-3.2.3. the link should be some posts before or just click
thats only the kwin-patch. the kdefx-patch is located in the file from deciare himself (with the
readme and the whole other stuff)

note: with the final release of kde 3.3 (and me being back in berlin) i will do a new content-page containg at least actual 3.3-patches and maybe 3.2.3 too - Aug 17 2004
1. get yourself a matching source-package of kdebase (and if you want the click-through-shadow-feature you need kdelibs too)
2. unpack 'em
3. cd into kdebase-x.x.x and do:
patch -p0 < kdebase.kwin.patch
(and for kdelibs: cd kdelibs-x.x.x/kdefx
and do patch -p0 < kdelibs.kwin.patch
4. configure, make, make install etc.
(i think kdelibs needs to be completely recompiled, but kdebase can be done by cd kwin && make && make install after ./configure)

hmm i missed to put the readme into the patch-archive :/
but in the file on this side here there is an readme/install describing the install procedure. you can have a look at this...

and please, do a click on [good] at the vote for this project. thanks :) - Aug 14 2004
for 3.3.0_rc2 take this one:

they've only f**ked up the ruleswidgetbase.ui and two other lines of code ;)

patch should apply without ANY fuzz/offset/error message :)
atleast it does so here ;)

ok i'm on vacation for on and a half or two weeks, so don't expect much interactivity from my side...but i'll have a look

in the meanwhile i will continue coding on this:

yeah i know, not the best (i'm a design misstalent ;), but i like it, and its my first kwindeco :)

hey guys, please vote with a good for this project here. we wanna stay no 1, don't we? :) - Aug 10 2004
no problem. i'm glad that i could help :)

did it work? - Aug 07 2004
open the mandrake control center (i can't remember the name of it) an then go to software and then on install packages (maybe install/remove). and search for 'kde' and then look for a kdelibs- and kdebase-devel package.
these need to be installed, and then patched with this patch. should be installed in $KDEDIR/include

a little note: you don't need the kdelibs-patch if you don't want to use it. it just enables the click-through-the-shadow feature. but its very useful, especially when you use thik shadows (they cover a lot of useful clickarea :( - Aug 07 2004
sorry, posted the wrong link to the patch :(

here's the real one:

question: should an active shadow always be larger than an inactive? i'm asking, becaus if you scroll your wheel through an inactive shadowed window, it gets the active shadow but is _not_ raised. therefor its nearer to the desk than the inactive window on top...i think it looks kinda strange...what do you think?

and by the way: sorry for my english, that s**ks real hard ;) - Aug 04 2004
this release includes:

*fix of the annoying bug (apply->nothing happens)
*added user-adjustable shadowdelay-time
*added kwin-rules support
(look at the screenshot for more on this)

the screenshot
the patch:

enjoy :) - Aug 04 2004