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Jason Mills

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Jan 21 2020
The latest code available on GitHub is much more stable than the one that is downloadable, though it's got some weird kinks to it still. Though, it is definitely more usable. Thanks so much for this awesome theme! It is perfect (besides the XP style power / logoff buttons. - Jan 28 2016
I tried the iconized taskbar applet, and it is very buggy. Is there anything like that, but preferably more stable? - Jan 25 2016
Thanks for that. Oh, and what panel sizes did you use? I'd love to get my Linux Mint 17.3 Cinnamon install to look just like yours. Thanks, though! - Dec 08 2015
I'm using Zorin right now, but that will change if I can get a Linux distro to look identical to the one shown in the pictures, though I can't get it right. I tried with the cinnamon version of Mint, but can't get the tasbkar to look like yours, and the start button icon, i can't find it. - Dec 08 2015
Wish I could find out how you guys did that Windows 10 styled taskbar. I can't get the size to look right, and can't find the icon. - Dec 07 2015
I was wondering what distro is that in the pictures? I'm also wondering how you managed to get that custom taskbar? - Nov 07 2015

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Score 77.2%
9   Nov 07 2015