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Joe Ferris
Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements 44 comments

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Feb 27 2005
I stopped because I didn't want to duplicate the work of the KDE developers working on Tenor. After the new search framework is available, I will see what it would take to provide a Katapult-like interface to it.

Also, I was contacted sometime back by some Kubuntu developers that were interested in continuing the project, and I gave them permission. I don't know what came of that, though. - Oct 07 2005
I hope to release 0.3 later this week, which will include a bunch of bugfixes. It will also include more useful feedback when something goes wrong (a lot of errors are currently ignored silently), and I've implemented some programmatic structures to better avoid potential bugs (like using KShared for item results). I hope that you'll be able to use 0.3. - Mar 13 2005
I'm going to add typing URL support in the future, but probably not in the next version. 0.3 will feature multiple item results (pressing down to see more than one result), more than one action for different types of items, and indirect items (like sending files to contacts).

I will have support for accessing folders other than your home folder (like /usr), and hidden folders (like .kde).

0.3 will also be able to index a single item under multiple titles (kdf and kdiskfree both work), which means that I can allow indexing of executables in specific folders (like /usr/bin).

Lee Olsen has contributed a fantastic icon that will be used in 0.3.

I'm not sure what you mean by your third request. Do you want to be able to use spaces instead of slashes, or for it to guess that srkata might be src/katapult? - Mar 13 2005
Okay, I figured out what the problem was. I fixed it for 0.3. Thanks for helping! - Mar 01 2005
The default shortcut is Alt+Space, which can be changed by choosing "Configure global shortcuts..." on the menu.

If you could, please report the crash bug at the SourceForge page (linked above). I will look into it. - Mar 01 2005
These features are not currently supported. Konqueror quick links (and Mozilla's quick searches) should be included in a later version.

I will try to find a way to add KIO slaves like system later - eventually I plan to add multithreading support.

However, it should not be crashing - that is a bug. If you could, please report the bug at the SourceForge page (linked above) and include details, such as your distribution and version of KDE. - Mar 01 2005
I'll try and figure out what happened there. However, it would be very useful if you could post some information about your installation (Distribution, version of KDE, etc). Also, it's a lot easier for me if you report bugs at the SourceForge page (linked above). - Feb 28 2005
I tried for 3.2 compatibility, but I'm testing it on 3.3 here. If you send me a list of unsupported methods/classes (or just send me the errors during compilation) I'll try to fix it for 0.2. - Feb 24 2005
Does it crash when you type the query, or when the program is actually supposed to run?

As in, if you disable "Automatically perform default action," and do not press enter, does it still crash? - Feb 24 2005
I don't have a way of testing this under KDE 3.4 yet, but I'll see if I can reproduce it under 3.3. - Feb 24 2005
It doesn't see documents yet - I haven't written that plugin. I thought I'd get it out there with just the programs and bookmarks catalogs to see if it crashed.

Substring and abbreviation searches are planned.

You can clear the query by pressing escape. Eventually, you'll be able to backspace, but right now the catalogs work with a simple QStringList, which would be terribly slow. I'm going to use a btree later.

I'll look into the crashes. - Feb 24 2005
yes, but it has a little more potential. Alt+F2 is dialog-based, which means complicated actions (like e-mailing a file to a contact or opening a file with another program) would make the dialog ugly and hard to use. Katapult can elegantly do these things later. - Feb 24 2005

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements 178 comments

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Oct 20 2005
I don't think this works on KDE 3.2. It doesn't compile on my KDE 3.3 system. The build fails while looking for setButtons in KLocateConfigFilterWidget's constructor, which I'm assuming was adding in 3.4. The Debian package also depends on KDE 3.4. Looks like a cool tool, though. - Sep 15 2005

KDE 3.5 Themes 121 comments

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Jun 15 2005
thanks! - Apr 30 2005
There's no plain old source package? - Apr 30 2005
KDE Control Center Ideas

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements 19 comments

by teddy
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Mar 22 2005
It seems like your main problem with the control center is with the use of a standard tree view for the list of kcmodules. While I agree that your design is nicer in some ways, I'm not generally for skinning applications. KDE currently has a uniform look and feel with dozens of great themes available.

Therefore, if you think that there's a need for a new widget (mostly for applications with lots of options), then you should make one, and follow the look of the selected style. - Mar 22 2005
Not a sidebar

Desktop Concepts 15 comments

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Feb 24 2005
Somewhat off topic, concerning that find applet in your screenshot: I recently started work on a program called Katapult (, and the way I designed the application, its catalogs (of programs, bookmarks, and documents) could easily be used other places. After I progress a little further with the main program, I think I will create a kicker applet and/or sidebar for it. - Feb 28 2005

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements 249 comments

by FJR
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Jul 13 2005
This is a great idea! It really makes Konqueror more useful. Any word on this being included in KDE? - Feb 27 2005

Various Stuff 76 comments

by oisch
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Jul 22 2005
I believe that, with the composite extension, applications no longer draw directly to the screen, but to an off-screen buffer, and I think that, by patching kwin, you could completely replicate the functionality of Expose. - Feb 14 2005
Your autoconfigure script does not check for imlib, but without having imlib installed, make fails. - Sep 08 2004
Kompose works great, except that while it's running, Windows will periodically lock for a split second, usually after gaining focus. It's most noticable while scrolling. Does this usually happen? It makes KDE seem somewhat unresponsive. - Aug 23 2004

KDE 3.5 Themes 1262 comments

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Sep 10 2006
would it be possible to disable the selection gradient? It doesn't look to great when you select a bunch of items... - Aug 05 2004
This fixed the problem for me as well. What a strange little bug. - Jul 12 2004
I can't select the style in the style box. The files exist at the right location (, The Window decoration works. I tested version 0.4a, and that works fine, too. There are no error messages. The style just isn't in the box. - Jul 12 2004
If I log out of KDE when using Baghira 0.4b, the style isn't there when I log back in. This didn't happen with 0.4, and doesn't happen with any other style.

Also, the configure dialog is too big. I can't access the Okay button at the bottom, and my resolution is 1152x864, which is not terribly small...

0.4 is looking great, anyway. I love the new progress bars. - Jul 11 2004
I'm having a somewhat similar problem. In programs in which some of the column headers are sometimes hidden (juk, ksysguard), all columns are being displayed, no matter what I select. This only happens with version 0.4 of Baghira. - Jul 05 2004
Would it be possible to add an option to make the toolbar buttons look more like the ones displayed here?

Also, is there a way to make Baghira display choosers instead of tabs all the time? I can't seem to find it.

And...why is it that Baghira icons (like for bab) are not installed to kde/share/baghira/icons like with other KDE apps? - Jun 16 2004
Hey, I just wanted to say that you're doing an excellent job on this theme. I think this is certainly the most constantly updated theme in KDE. It's my favorite theme, and it has been for a long time. The amount of hacking you've had to do to get this the way you want is incredible. Keep up the good work!

Also, I'm a C++ programmer, and I have a basic understanding of Qt/KDE, so if I have some spare time, I'll try to send you some bugfix patches.

Thanks again for a great style. - Jun 16 2004
It just looks like you have a stroke or shadow or dark outer glow effect on your combo boxes and tabs, and it seems like it gets cut off to the left and right.

That's too bad about the mouseover feedback, but I guess there's not much you can do.

Thanks again for my favorite KDE style. - Jun 07 2004
I love the new tab bar. I think it looks great. It seems like you cut off a bit of the shadow on the left and right edges, though, and it could use some mouseover feedback. Still, I think it's a great improvement.

I also like the new brushed theme. This theme is getting better all the time. I love to see a well-maintained work. Keep up the good work. - Jun 07 2004

Various Plasma 5 Improvements 703 comments

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Dec 23 2019
Now that I look more carefully, I notice that the background only draws for the first 12.5 icons. After that, it seems to be mainly random junk behind the icon.

Also, another bug: you can move the dock by using the move window shortcut (Alt+Drag on my KDE), but it still prevents you from putting things in that bottom area where it started. - Jul 17 2003
You've done a great job on this. The interface is wonderful, but there are some bugs.
1: If you move the mouse over an icon, and then move it diagonally away very quickly, and it touches another icon on the way out, that icon will grow and stay grown.
2: If you set the large icon size and small icon size to the same value, the application crashes.
3: The icons farthest to the right sometimes do not redraw the background as they shrink, leaving junk around the edges.
4: If you do something that changes the whole screen (ie, confirm logout dialog), the dock does not redraw until you move the mouse over every icon.
5: Clicks are sometimes ignored.
I am using version 3.0.2, and I greatly look forward to the next version.
I think it would be great if some on click feedback could be provided, such as bouncing or flashing. - Jul 16 2003