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Alex Petrovici Toledo, Spain

KDE 3.5 Themes by Ezy 26 comments

I hate cristhmas but the icons looks really good. Keep up the good work! - Dec 14 2007
Is easier to use StartUp Manager. - Dec 14 2007
Debian 3D (Simple)

Wallpapers Debian by AngelusNoctis 4 comments

I like Debian. I use Debian, but this musto go to Debian-look no to Gnome-look.

Those images are fine, but aren´t gnome. - Dec 14 2007
For Debian

Wallpapers Debian by Jhelderfes 2 comments

Is really nice, but the logo must be more natural, You put too shades on the logo, but the wallpaper is amazing.

- Dec 14 2007
A bit of Vista (super warm colors)

Wallpaper Other by devvv 4 comments

thanks - Dec 13 2007
A bit of Vista (super warm colors)

Wallpaper Other by devvv 4 comments

Is very nice, realy, but try to make another vbersion without so much light. - Dec 13 2007
Vector Flowers (green)

Nature by devvv 2 comments

This also can be done with inkscape, and in my opinion is much easy to do vectors with Inkscape, but this also looks good.

- Dec 13 2007

Wallpapers Ubuntu by DukeNono 2 comments

The shine is too white, only this. The rest looks very good. Also this must go to ubuntu-look no gnome-look, ok? - Dec 13 2007
Firefox splash

Gnome 2 Splash Screens by zoom 2 comments

Convert the image from png? To which one? Why?

If you use the latest update of Firefox and the addond Splash only follow these steps.

Splash must be installed from here

First, enter in Tools/Add-ons/and select "Preferences" from the Splash paragraph.

There enter in Image and click on the ... botton. Select your photo and restart Firefox.

Really, I make those steps and it´s ok for my. Also must be ok for you. - Oct 31 2007

Splashy Themes by Chrispy 8 comments

Can you make it more graphically?

Not all people kwnos what is X, Y and the colours in RGB, etc.
- Oct 28 2007

Splashy Themes by Chrispy 8 comments

Really, it´s a very good work.

I´m searching splashy themes but this is much better.

Congratulaions!! - Oct 28 2007
gusty gibbon

Wallpaper Other by marps 1 comment

That´s a very good walppaers. You can try to make a splash also, no?

But, please, change the colour of the "ubuntu" name. Is too ugly.

Also you can try to put in your job the ubuntu toolkit from here

But the background is cool! - Oct 24 2007