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Jun 30 2013
Please check out the latest version. - Jun 30 2013
I'm not sure how to help. I never used Debian Sid. AFAIK, it's unstable branch of Debian? - Jun 30 2013
Thank you my friend for very nice words and your support! - Jun 30 2013
Thank you! You too have beautiful artworks - Jun 30 2013
I think this is a known bug (?) for GNOME/Nautilus 3.8, especially when using Unity/compiz desktop. There's some temporary solution/workaround out there
I've tried your code (combined with some other config tweaks), it seems to work on GNOME Shell desktop, but not in Unity on Ubuntu 13.04 (at least on my system). But thanks a lot! - Jun 07 2013
Check out latest release (still in testing) - Jun 07 2013
Well, that's zoncolor is about: color cusomization :) You should be able to create with your own colors. For the green theme, try enable 'zoncolorGreen.zcfg' theme-set config file using zoncolor app. - Jun 07 2013
That is what the "IconThemeInherits" option in config file is for.
You can specify inherits (fallback) icon themes (comma-separated list) to whatever you want, such as to Faenza,elementary,... etc, not only to zoncolor icon theme.
To change inherits settings, do one of the followings:

Alt. 1: Re-generate the icon theme (using zoncolor app)
Open zoncolorPurple.zcfg config file in text editor, and specify:
then regenerate the icon theme.

Alt. 2: Modify installed icon theme directly
(note that this will be overwritten whenever you regenerate the icon theme)
Open ~/.icons/zoncolorPurple/index.theme in text editor, and specify:
then reload the theme.

I hope this help. Thanks for using it :)

. - Jan 17 2013
I'm glad you like it. Let me now if you have any problem using it.

. - Jan 15 2013
Thanks for replying.
GTK color scheme setting in Xfce is stored in "/Gtk/ColorScheme" property (you can create one if it doesn't exist) in "xsettings" channel:
xsettings ==> Gtk ==> ColorScheme
You can access it by running "xfce4-settings-editor". - Jan 07 2013
If your 'problem' was the color used in a customized color scheme, that was not problem.
Yes, it affects colors of other GTK themes, but you can change or reset using tools like dconf-editor or gconf-editor or xfconf editor.

This pack brings back a feature available in the old GNOME 2's Appearance Preferences into GNOME 3 session, that lets you customize color scheme without changing theme codes directly. GTK themes in this pack take advantage of this feature, and fully support it.

Oh, thanks to TiZ (see his comment on this page: for his info that Xfce 4.10 now support GTK color scheme too, just like in GNOME.
And FYI, Cinnamon team is also planning to add configurable color scheme support in their next releases. See this page:

The customized GTK color scheme is stored as value in "gtk-color-scheme" setting in gnome's gsettings or gconf or xfconf (rather than changing the theme codes directly and/or recreate a new theme), that can be easily changed using tools like dconf-editor or gconf-editor, or appearance preferences if available.

Like I said in previous comment, you need to RESET color scheme first before switching to other themes (since most GTK themes available today do not support color customization). You can do it by using reset utility provided, or you can do it manually using tools as said above.

And, if you don't want customization, simply don't use any customization tools provided in this pack; just use the themes in "normal" way (see description above). - Jan 07 2013
Thanks for trying it out, and really sorry for inconvenience. From your information, I can't really figure out what exactly the cause of the problems is (I never encounter problem like you said on systems/environment that i have tested (Debian/Ubuntu/Mint)), but i'll recheck the codes entirely, see if i have to fix something or make it better. Just to let you know, you can always install the themes manually without using any script if you want. - Jan 06 2013
Could you be more specific on how this hijacked other theme preferences? This pack shouldnt touch any other themes or themes preferences. I can switch between zoncolor theme to another theme (zukitwo for example, that's what i'm using right now) using gnome tweak tool without problem with zoncolor themes/app installed. - Jan 06 2013
I'm really sorry to hear your problem. I dont know exactly what you meant by screw other themes, but this pack shouldnt touch any of them.
Regarding your problem (I believe it's color scheme), you can try the RESET utility (located in main folder or in the 'zoncolor' folder). Note that it will revert settings back to system default, you may need to log out and log back in. Or try resetting color scheme manually by running in Terminal:
gsettings reset org.gnome.desktop.interface gtk-color-scheme
gconftool --unset /desktop/gnome/interface/gtk_color_scheme - Jan 04 2013
Nice! Thanks a lot for your effort. I tried it and yes it worked nicely. I will release updated version soon (with a credit to you).

For the window theme, I added some additional code to reload current window theme when applying color-scheme in xfce session, so you don't have to switch to another theme to see color changes. - Jan 03 2013
Hey, thanks! - Jan 01 2013

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May 22 2020
Just wanted to let you know, I've been using OpenZone for years! Thanks a lot for your work. - Jan 17 2013

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May 11 2016
Hi, thanks for the very cool app.
I made a shell-script based program (see that heavily use Zenity for GUI dialog. That because it is there by default in GNOME desktop. I wish I can use YAD instead, but I dont want to bother users installing it.
Is it possible to include (embed?) YAD in my program so I can just call it in my script without users having to install it separately?
Thanks again. - Jan 01 2013
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Jan 17 2013

by ducakar

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Jan 17 2013
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by ducakar

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Developers Apps
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