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Felix Oghina
Moomex Ultimatum

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Jan 13 2009
Your solution doesn't work for me, I still had to add background-color: #fff !important; to #urlbar. It's probably because I set the colors in System -> Preferences -> Appearance -> Customize -> Colors -> Input boxes to white text on black background (and Firefox only picks up the text color d'oh). - Jan 24 2009
Here's my userChrome.css solution:

#urlbar {
background-color: #ffffff !important;
color: #000000 !important;

Maybe there's a better way? It would be nice if we could make the address bar (and the search bar) white text on black background ;). - Jan 23 2009
I just downloaded this and there's no Firefox fix in the archive. Maybe you forgot to put it in?

felix@the-machine:~$ ls -R .themes/Moomex-Ultimatum | grep css
(no results)

I'm looking for a fix that will allow me to actually see what's highlighted in the address bar.
Very nice theme by the way, works very nice with BlendedSmall metacity and Oxygen Black icon themes. - Jan 23 2009
simple black and white desktop

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Apr 27 2008
Very nice!
What icon theme are you using? Also, can you post links to the themes you are using? :) - Jan 23 2009

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Aug 03 2009
Awesome theme mate! I think the best I've come over so far! One really smallish thing though: in Firefox (3.0.1) under Ubuntu 8.04 when selecting text in the URL input bar, in only turns slightly greenish, and isn't particularly obvious. It's a bit frustrating because when you select text you expect it to be evidently highlighted with some background color, which happens when selecting text in the search input, for example (the input next to the URL input -- Google, etc). Here's an example:
-- in this example, "/Shiki-Colors" is selected. - Aug 18 2008