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Zbynek Novotny , Czech Republic
Redshift Plasmoid

Plasma 4 Extensions 99 comments

Score 84.8%
Jul 23 2014
Thanks for all the info. I'm a C++ dev by heart but I'll try to absorb what's needed to know about QML to be of any use. ;)

I'll check out the links and start from there. - Feb 06 2015
I might help you out (being a programmer and all), although I have no experience using Qt Python binding and writing Plasma applets.

I'll try to look into that, though. - Feb 04 2015
Many thanks for making this plasmoid. It works wonders and is a real eye-saver for long programming sessions! :) - Feb 21 2014
Blue Sora

Plasma Themes 76 comments

Score 82.6%
Mar 22 2014
Hi, I've just tried downloading the file but Kde-Look says "404 Not Found". What gives? - Jun 07 2012
Clicking the 'Download' button on takes me to the Dropbox page as well. :( - Feb 06 2011
I get a 403 (forbidden) whenever I try to download the latest version. :( - Feb 05 2011

Plasma Themes 86 comments

Score 77.8%
Aug 04 2013
I hate to be a pain, nameless89, but I'm still unable to choose a different colour for the Notes widget background. I can see clearly that there are multiple colours defined in the widgets/notes.svg file but no matter what colour I choose, I still end up with black background of the widget. It's not that big a deal for me because black still fits my desktop best but sometimes it comes in handy to be able to choose a different colour for the widget. :)

Thanks a lot in advance for looking into this and keep up the good work, m8, I love this theme very much! - Oct 02 2011
It's amazing how much this theme has evolved and improved since I first downloaded it and started using it. Keep up the great work! - Aug 04 2011
Golden Coffee

Plasma Color Schemes 1 comment

Score 47.5%
Jan 04 2011
I love it! Thanks a lot for the effort and the upload of course. :) - Sep 08 2011

Beryl/Emerald Themes 5 comments

Score 50.0%
Jul 01 2010
I love this color scheme (and the black and blue ones too) but I can't help but think that for some reason, the title bar font looks a bit thicker than when I use a different color scheme. It's no big deal really, but I've been wondering what the reason could be. :) - May 30 2011

Plasma Themes 8 comments

Score 79.0%
Dec 15 2011
*Excellent* work done on the update, mate! The theme looks so much better in non-composite mode now... Thanks a lot for all your efforts. :) - Apr 13 2011
This theme is great, thanks very much for the effort. :)

I have just one small complaint, however -- in non-composite mode, there is a strange black bar above the "main" panel and the buttons and "subpanels" reach into that bar.

Do you think you could fix that maybe? If you could, the theme would be perfect. Thanks again for this great work and keep it up! - Apr 05 2011

Plasma Themes 58 comments

Score 82.2%
Jan 06 2011
I love this theme. Thanks very much for your effort and keep up the good work. :) - Feb 02 2011
Smells Like Heaven

Wallpaper Other 2 comments

Score 62.0%
Dec 27 2010
Excellent work, dude. This is now officially my new wallie. ;D - Dec 27 2010
Dark Air

Plasma Themes 8 comments

by panzi
Score 68.0%
Feb 16 2010
I like this theme. A lot. :) Thanks - Jul 10 2010

Plasma Color Schemes 2 comments

Score 62.0%
Feb 07 2010
This scheme looks absolutely gorgeous! (as do your 2 other themes). Thanks a lot for your effort. ;) - Jun 21 2010

Plasma Themes 57 comments

by ireko
Score 58.3%
Aug 09 2008
Hi, I really like your theme and I've been using for quite some time. I've noticed, though, that it doesn't go very well with KDE 4.2. Is an update planned? I'd really appreciate that. ;) - Jan 13 2009

Plasma Themes
by KovacsM

Score 79.0%
Apr 13 2011

Plasma Themes
by nameless89

Score 77.8%
Nov 14 2010

Plasma Color Schemes
by drankinatty

Score 58.0%
Jun 21 2010
David C. Rankin

Plasma Color Schemes
by drankinatty

Score 70.0%
Jun 21 2010

Plasma Color Schemes
by drankinatty

Score 62.0%
Jun 21 2010