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Michele Albanese
Karamba & Superkaramba
error? ORROR!

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by elgx
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Nov 01 2005
Lo so, non ti sto aiutando, ma potresti dirmi che icone usi? e magari anche lo sfondo, dove lo hai preso? E' decisamente interessante.... English (well, almost) version: I know, i'm not goint to help you, but can you tell me what icons are you using? And maybe also the wallpaper, where do you get it? It's pretty good... - Nov 02 2005
Window Decoration Generator (decgen)

KDE 3.x Window Decorations 77 comments

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Jan 08 2006
Could you please point me to the icons and colors' scheme you are using? I like 'em.

Thanks - Sep 09 2005
Slack Power

KDE 3.x Splash Screens 3 comments

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Mar 09 2005
It's based on a wallpaper by ayo73. So you can find it (and also othersawesome wallpapers) onayo73' site.

- Mar 09 2005
EnterTheLinux - lilo/grub splash screen

KDE 3.x Splash Screens 70 comments

by spiff
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Nov 18 2008
Perch - Mar 05 2004

Karamba & Superkaramba 326 comments

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Nov 16 2004
Hello i would like to know if your's API Menu implements submenu?? How can I do this?In other words is it possible to add to a popupMenu another popupMenu as an Item??
thanks in advance^_^ - Jul 26 2003
LOL :)))))))))

BTW: Tnx for SK it's simply incredible^^ - May 11 2003
Is there a way to obtain the current SuperKaramba API?? on the site thepage is still missing and from 0.17j to 0.22 there is no documentation for the new calls... - May 10 2003
excuse me, but in the API file there is no reference to this method... can you tell me his prototype?? - Apr 28 2003
I'm a dumdass... :((((
I'm working with your API refernce printed rightin front of me..... Sorry - Apr 23 2003
here it is:
if Update == 1:
d = commands.getoutput('dcop kwin KWinInterface currentDesktop')
if int(d) == 1:
elif int(d) == 2:
elif int(d) == 3:
elif int(d) == 4:

In the script each instruction is on one line correctly indented, also, note that this code is written in the function widgetUpdate...... - Apr 22 2003
I've noticed that if i try to use the method moveImage or to modify some variables in the function widgetClicked karamba crashes, it's a known problem??? - Apr 22 2003
RoundBar for SuperKaramba

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May 11 2003

There are link to rpms - May 12 2003
wich version you have? the RoundBar is for SuperKaramba - May 10 2003
Have you read the Docs and edited the config files accordingly to your configuration?? - May 04 2003
It's better if you use the latest superkaramba's version available , because i tend to use all the capabilities of the API as soon as they are available, btw I've found the problem and now it should be been corrected , i'm going to upload the new version, so please redownload and let me know - May 04 2003
Have you modified the file to point where is your config file? - May 01 2003
well if you have changed the source code (which contains the default value of the variables) it's normal that you see the pager^^ infact to make the pager disappera you need to change the PagerYes in the config file to 0 (the config file will popup just by middle clicking on the bar) for the comments you are right i should add them... as soon as i can i will do it, also if you have any ideas to make this better let me know.. - Apr 28 2003
ummm... i will try to implement it, it' shouldent be so dificult, i think - Apr 27 2003
Well maybe the fact that to confuse the python interpreter it's necessary only a space in the wrong position... since i've lost a _LOT_ of time for things like this i think it's better if the average user (which i assume know nothing about python, just like me)touch the source just for things that i can't handle in another way... - Apr 27 2003
no, it work, at lest for me:
I do :
karamba Documents/RoundBar-1.1/RoundBar.theme

and it just work fine
the only things to do is modify in the script the RoundBarConf variable wich point to the configuration file (in my case, since the path must be absolute, /home/lele/Documents/RoundBar-1.1/Files/RoundBar.conf - Apr 26 2003
uhmmm i don't understand, you see the bar, but you don't see the icons?? If it's so then try to execute the bar in the konsole it should print some output (the path of the icons and the command it will execute on click) - Apr 26 2003
Tnx^^ - Apr 25 2003
Please if you had downloaded the RoundBar and you notice a little problem of visualization (the right part had a shadow a little too big...) redowload it i've just changed it... Sorry for the problem but i work with a dark wallpaper so i don't see the shadow .... - Apr 25 2003
the path to the images is fine, the one to check is the path of the apps which is in the widgetClicked function you just need to tweak that path - Apr 25 2003
you had the kicker running? if it's non so you cant view the k menu - Apr 25 2003
ummmm yes in that way it works, but it's not the right way, in theory you don't need the clickarea in the theme files... tho only thing that came to my mind is that you don't have dcop in the /opt/kde/bin dir, which could be.... check that out e modify the accordingly... - Apr 23 2003
I'm just working on it ^_^ - Apr 23 2003
Simple.... I haven' t see the karamba type :-PPPPPP

Are you italian??
Ma sei Italiano? - Apr 23 2003
Well, yes, but just to understand how, i like to do things my own way i think it's the only way to really understands things... by the way this is my email:
kyosuke_kasuga at - Apr 23 2003
to erase the Pager you have to modify Initilize() (just erase the lines between if init ==0: and for i in range(Nimg) ) erase or comment out the Pager function and modify widgetClicked

to erase the clock you have to edit RoundBar.theme as it's configured there...

Tnx for the tip, i've tried it, bat this way the K menu will popup at the given coordinates, whic is good, but if i change my res the K menu then will popup at the wrong place... i'll to look into it to make it pop up always were i want 't to pop up... - Apr 23 2003
Design + taskbar (posible?)

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May 08 2003
You know your design is good^^ - May 08 2003
Dynamic Bar - Smooth Zoom

Karamba & Superkaramba 102 comments

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Apr 29 2003
the trick is to search in the kdeglobals file (under $HOME/.kde/share/config) the line wich began with Theme ^^ also default.kde should be a standard dir, since i've it on my slack and Pat tend to use vanilla software... - Apr 26 2003
XMMS Bar for SuperKaramba

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Apr 25 2003
Yuo need to install xmms-devel - Apr 25 2003
SlickBar for SuperKaramba

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Jan 08 2004
I think it's impossible to obtain the windows list ,at least, i can't find a way to do it.... :-(((( - Apr 12 2003
There is a way to put the taskbar in karamba? could someone tell me whre to find a dcop manual?
Tnx a lot - Apr 11 2003
KOR jap

Wallpaper Other 2 comments

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Nov 24 2002
....penso che vedere Madoka mi fa sempre piacere, anche a distanza di tanti anni ^___^ peccato che non c'entri un tubo con kde, cmq per me va bene lo stesso!!

- Nov 24 2002
Memphis 2002

Icon Sub-Sets 23 comments

by elhay
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Dec 18 2002
..first of,i personaly don't like this set, but this is 'couse i prefer cartoonish style. your work _IS_ good. keep working on it. - Nov 19 2002
kde3 xp style

KDE 3.5 Themes 265 comments

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Apr 11 2008
You smelll a lot like a Troll...maybe you ARE a troll...and just to make sure oyu understand what i think of people like you, take your A+ Cert and use it to wipe your surely is a better way to use it - Nov 08 2002

Wallpaper Other 8 comments

by Amy
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Nov 02 2002
... If you think about this also the win users whine a lot about MS...the only difference is that us don't have too much to whine about linux... - Nov 03 2002
Themeable panel

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Nov 12 2002
... e chi se ne frega^^ (anche se non arriva subito, l'importante - Nov 03 2002
clean desk

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Aug 23 2002
Umm. it sounds quite strange since i've seen only a very good response to your work.and since we are in theme... can you send your theme (kwin kstyle every part of's simply superb and i really want it..) - Aug 15 2002
Desktop Icons 0.5.0

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by dave
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Nov 05 2002 sei italiano?

...Are you italian?? - May 24 2002
2nd Anime Girl Splash

KDE 3.x Splash Screens 6 comments

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May 10 2002
ehi isn't she Karin from DNA^2??? - May 11 2002
"KDE Girl"

KDE 3.x Splash Screens 46 comments

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Apr 14 2003
Ehi this is VERY good,i was just wondering: is it in your plans to do also a WallPaper featuring the KDE girl?_? - May 11 2002
Marbles 0.1.4 (Solid)

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Jul 09 2002
...ehmm i'm the oly one that have problems with your icons??(only those that are trasparent like 3floppy.png) it seems that my kde don't want to display them correctlybut if i see them with gimp they are just fine... have some ideas?_? - Apr 30 2002
GetCrystal-Crystal icons download script

Icon Sub-Sets 18 comments

by Niek
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Apr 23 2002
have you tried to change the dimensions of the menubars' icons?? If i remember correctly the crystal icons theme has only 22x22 or even 16x16 icons, again i may be wrong... - Apr 23 2002
mime_php icon for crystal

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Apr 09 2002
Tnx... - Apr 09 2002
Highly Optimized KDE3 w/ objprelink

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Apr 09 2002
and if you can compile the thingh let me know... - Apr 09 2002
*NEW* super fast kde startup

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Aug 23 2002
I 'm feeling a little dumb at the moment, but where is the startkde3 script?_? i've found just a startkde script it's the same?_? - Apr 09 2002
JaseOne's first (KDE3+HPL+Crystal)

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Apr 09 2002
Well you have to launch the menu editor of KDE (right click on the K and then on Menu editor) from there you can change the icon associated to the apps, i've noticed that you have to restart kde to see the change... at least I 've to do that maybe it's just my system .... - Apr 09 2002