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dominik richter , Germany

E Animated Backgrounds by cyrill62 3 comments

Very nice carbon look! And a very stylish 'g' to come along ;-)

I have had some constant up/down movement if the mouse is placed at the top part of the gentoo 'g' - is this intended? Otherwise changing the area for up and down initiation to be mutually exclusive is an idea... - Jun 22 2008
E17 Black Wallpaper (from Black Init)

E Animated Backgrounds by NightNord 6 comments

well now: this is really nice! thank you for the work, i have always enjoyed the BT dragon (one of my favorite dists anyway, next to gentoo)

just a small request: could you maybe make a version without the round object in the middle i.e. only the dark black background + dragon + animated e-logo... - Jun 13 2008