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Ze Thriller Rennes, France
Elegant Brit Firefox theme (WIP)

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Feb 01 2009
Maybe it would be easier for you to create a CSS theme for firefox rather than a real theme.

See "app styles" on for more info. - Feb 03 2009
Debian Thinking

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Jan 10 2009
It seems to be broken, just redirects to the homepage of a blog and I can't find anything regarding this wallpaper. Please fix it or where to get it. - Dec 27 2008
usplash theme ubuntu Miss-Ellen v0.2

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Aug 31 2009
404 error when trying to download sources, and 403 error parent directories. Please fix it. - Nov 18 2008
Ubuntu Usplash Smooth

Usplash Themes 48 comments

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Nov 20 2008
I have Ubuntu 8.10 32 bits, I just wonder why during boot-up, the usplash suddenly disappear, and somthing shows up in the console like this:
fsck n.n.nn 10/11/2008"

with xxxx a "random" number (1073, ...)

I don't know what it is...

I remember Dapper's usplash, there was some text under the usplash logo (from the console), this was great, but since Edgy, it is no more there. Is there any way to reactivate it.

And one last thing about usplashs in general: are those built for Hardy still compatible with Intrepid ? - thanks - Nov 18 2008
Thoughts of a tadpole

Wallpaper Other 8 comments

by yay
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Nov 19 2008
Very fun technique to play with. Or "how to make beauties from quite nothing" ! - Nov 07 2008
GIMP 2.6 Custom Splash Screen

Gimp Splashes 5 comments

by devvv
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Oct 16 2008
Wha, fantastic ! You got my vote. - Oct 14 2008
(RED) Wallpapers for Linux

Wallpaper Other 7 comments

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Sep 25 2008
I just notice the link for RED Texture is not /downloads/REDTexture-linux..jpg (two dots) but /downloads/REDTexture-linux.jpg (single dot).

Great work. - Sep 25 2008
Blue desktop

Gnome Screenshots 10 comments

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Sep 25 2008
Especially the backgrounds used for 1st and 3rd screenshot. Voted good. - Sep 21 2008

GTK2 Themes 38 comments

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Aug 25 2008
Can you provide a link to get it please ? - Aug 25 2008

Beryl/Emerald Themes 8 comments

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Jul 28 2008
I get a "file not found" error when I try downloading your file. Please fix it. - Jul 28 2008

Wallpaper Other 2 comments

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Jul 16 2008
Same as Brghtbelt, wonderful ! - Jul 17 2008
My Gril

Wallpaper Other 3 comments

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Jul 17 2008
Your image is a BMP with an incorrect extension.
Please rename it, or much better, use a different format, PNG for example.

Nice work, by the way ^^ - Jul 17 2008
Windows Vista +vista aero Full pack

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Jun 20 2008
"download(Ubuntu to Vista[...])"

Outch, seeing this hurts...

(just a joke) is there any fee for this ? @.^ - Jun 06 2008
Cubic Spiral

Wallpaper Other 3 comments

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Jun 03 2008
I'm now used to see this fractal formula in action, it's always as beautiful !
It has been used for the cover of a "fractal art" book, the author(s) sure have good "taste" ! - Jun 04 2008
TTF Font Manager

Nautilus Scripts 3 comments

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Jun 03 2008
Pretty special screenshot, lol ^^

(oh, did I miss something ?) - Jun 04 2008
Bonjour from France (hehe, I'm french too ^^) !

Check this, I hope it will suit you (translated: var_ENG and apropos).

I didn't test your script but it looks good. - Jun 03 2008

Wallpaper Other 2 comments

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Jun 01 2008
Nice pasting ! This is an original one regarding the many fashion "all vectorial" wallpapers here and there.

But I feel something that sounds wrong with this picture. Especially with the sea, it can clearly be seen that you used two images and put them "as-is" in the scene, so joints between parts become visible.

And from the beaches of Bretagne (France), I have never seen such a clear horizon ^^

Voted good, but I think there could be many improvements. - Jun 02 2008
Q-Style Theme

Beryl/Emerald Themes 8 comments

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May 10 2008
Is it just me or you made a remake from the Enduro Black emerald theme ? ( ) - May 09 2008

GTK2 Themes 2 comments

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Jun 08 2008
So many Murrine skins, very few are really good... This one is for sure from the upper crust !

Great piece of work. - Apr 21 2008
Changing Wallpapers Dynamically

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Apr 18 2008
- choose your pictures --> Yep
- choose the hours to change the wp --> I think I can do it
- modify the script at your will --> ^^
- add the script to start at log in --> Hem, how ?
- add a crontab line --> Sorry I only know cron/crontab by name, please detail instructions.

- enjoy --> I hope I can :) - Apr 18 2008
My OLD themes

GTK2 Themes 4 comments

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Apr 16 2008
Doesn't look so "outdated", simple and nice ! - Apr 17 2008

GDM Themes 4 comments

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Apr 16 2008
Tux lives in the Arctic, not somewhere-you-know-where, near Seattle.

This is not really its place.

If you really wanted to make a joke of it, try to make a stupid grey box funny :)

And BTW, greyish UI doesn't attract anybody, except some old-fashionned enthusiasts. We are in 2008, time for color, ban grey 128 and uniformity !

*I think I always say the same, but in different ways lol* - Apr 17 2008
Distrofy Gimp Plugin

Gimp Splashes 15 comments

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Apr 20 2010
Ok guys, I'm glad to annonce this script work perfectly with windows, and without any change of the Python script. Maybe tons of other snake-made scripts.

The only (and minor) side-effects are cancelling the script is done in 4 steps, and distro-images are visible in gimp recent documents.

I've just tried it, great work, fun and easy ^^ - Apr 15 2008
Sorry, I must add something:

<GIMP python folder> >

" is a GIMP plugin and must be run by GIMP to be used."

Back to the beginning... - Apr 14 2008
If it is only windows-incompatible because of home directory, this is not really a problem for me...

But there is something wrong with GIMP + Python + Windows...

I found a portable-edition GIMP full of stuff to make some tests ( Yeah, I'm French.

First of all, install Python 2.5.2 and its dependancies. Too easy... (this may hide something...)

At GIMP startup, crash with: "Entry point 'g_assertion_message' not found in libglib-2.0.0.dll" (when parsing


So, I update GIMP dll with the latest GTK+ bundle (those in GIMP bin/ folder and common files). works now fine, but I can't find a way to add/run scripts and show them in menus.

And by the way, the splash screen is not shown any more... Bug ?

I just post this as a reference for those who dare to try... I know it's not "" here...

After having borrowed a war mace for... you know what.. I've learn just one useful thing: I'll use your script with my good ol' Ubuntu. I know I can make it work !! One day or another, I can wait ^^

Thank you for this front-approch of the evil basilics' world :) - Apr 14 2008
I suppose GIMP-Python aka Python-fu is required to run your script...

I know it's not really the right place to ask this, but do you know where can I find this extension to fit the Win32 GIMP version ? - Apr 14 2008

Wallpapers Ubuntu 16 comments

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Mar 27 2009
ya it woul be my next post thanx for an idea --> forget what I've just said.

There is already too many things like this here, don't bother doing another one. - Apr 11 2008
In french: "Sacrilège" !!

There should be a special "ubuista" place for such things =) - Apr 11 2008
Vista Ultimate logon

GDM Themes 13 comments

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Apr 10 2008
Arg, yet another "I just don' wanna leave my good ol' Windows while using ubuntu, so I clone parts of it"... This shoudn't even be published.

As I'll always say, why use Ubuntu if you try to make it look and behave like Win does ? - Apr 10 2008
Aero-Aqua Mix

Beryl/Emerald Themes 45 comments

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Apr 02 2008
Do you this it can also work with Compiz ? - Apr 03 2008
Elegant Mine

GTK2 Themes 30 comments

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Mar 30 2008
It's too squared to put on my desktop but I like the concept, looks quite futuristic. - Apr 02 2008
gtk2-engine-pixbuf (Patched)

GTK2 Themes 28 comments

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May 27 2008
I tried to install it, and it kept asking for dependancies, and dependancies for those dependancies, and so on, until something happened and some file got screwed, because nothing that was gtk would open (it was a libg...something, I don't remember the name).
Is there an easier way to do it?

--> No, just install each package and xxxxx-dev packages as asked. Welcome to linux funny compliers world !
I suggest you to also install "colorgcc" and "colormake"
Use is the same as gcc/g++ and make, but it will output colored text. Use "colormake" and "colormake install", try this ^^

You need the gtk2 development packages installed as well probably names like glib2-devel, atk-devel, pango-devel, and gtk2-devel or whatever they're called on ubuntu.

--> Yep. I don't know all the names... they are usually named by the suffix "-dev" on Debian/Ubuntu. - Mar 27 2008
Just install the package "automake".

Under Ubuntu Gutsy it is version '1:1.10+nogfdl-1'

Btw, this looks great ^^ - Mar 26 2008
Black Vista Ubuntu background

Wallpapers Ubuntu 16 comments

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Mar 26 2008
I REALLY don't understand why people try to "clone" (even partially), themes from oser OSes (Microsoft stuff, MacOs, ...). There was a time Linux was reserved to the professionnal domain only. But now, things have changed. With some distros like Ubuntu, Mandriva, SuSE, the penguin universe open its doors to geeks like most of us are here (errr... aren't we ? ^^), or peolpe that don't want to follow the group and become what in french is called a "bête mouton". So all these word to say nowadays, having Linux installed on its machine shoud be a proof of difference, of originality, and maybe, let's say intelligence. Yeah I know poor designers or newbies artists wanna practice pressing the big-square-automatic-copy-and-paste button. Come on... everybody can do better like this ! Why install linux if it is to clone XP/Vista/MacOS's GUI ? Why have the open source community worked so hard to find ideas of some great and uncommon style if you break this by just changing the theme and pressing "OK" ? Keep it in your mind, especially for those who plan to post something here... there could have damage. - Mar 27 2008
Mahelus Pidgin/Gaim Icon Theme

Various Gnome Stuff 2 comments

by mepu
Score 50.0%
Mar 14 2008
Is it also possible to install for Pidgin Windows ? Getting the font is not a problem. But I don't know what to do with the main files... - Mar 14 2008
linux inside

Cliparts 1 comment

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Feb 20 2008
Do you know what font is used for clipart like this one ? I just want to create some of my own. - Feb 21 2008
OpenOffice NeuroSplash

OpenOffice Splash Screens 2 comments

by pvt14
Score 50.0%
Feb 05 2008
I love Neuropol, I love blue and you provide alternative colors in case we get bored of it... so why shouldn't I download it ?

*click !* - Feb 06 2008
"Aqua Dreams" theme

GTK2 Themes 22 comments

Score 63.3%
Feb 05 2008
Hem, error 404 when trying to download it. - Feb 05 2008
Never Sleep

Wallpaper Other 3 comments

Score 50.0%
Feb 03 2008
I have to add to previous comments that your callery is not accessible to people who have an internet connexion behind a highly-secured firewall, like those in universities. You should create an alternate (= accessible) version of your gallery or provide a direct download link somewhere. Thanks ;) - Feb 04 2008
Hardy Theme

GTK2 Themes 95 comments

Score 63.3%
Jun 03 2008
That makes days I've been trying to improve your theme, with small operations with the screenshots. Maybe you shoud try what some shemes like these give inside a real Linux GTK theme:

Dark one:

Window borders: black, glossy (sorry for "vista-allergic" people here...)
Toolbar background: Maybe a green/yellow tint, not too saturated should do. Just try it, I don't really know for this one.
Window background: Mmmh, many choices for this one. Try with a mix of grey and yellow/orange (near #FFCC00, less bright)
Text: maroon, quite black
Highlighted text: BG: dark grey FG:orange
Scrollbars: black with gloss, tint with a very small amount of blue.

Bright one:
Window borders: same as existing Human Theme, maybe the hue factor could be nearer from yellow than maroon.
Toolbar background: black, with a little amount of green
Toolbar text: bright yellow
Window background: pastel tint, maroon/orange.
Text: black or deep grey.
Highlighted text: BG: very deep red, FG: bright orange
Scrollbars: I don't really know, I am thinking about twilight/sunset colors, but not too bright, they mustn't be aggressive to keep eyes focused on the main part.

See: - Jan 27 2008
The color theme choosed is mostly great. Black for window borders, menubar and others, good choice, and nice buttons. But the light brown/orange (it's sort of intermediate tint in face) used for the windows background and "url bar", I can't help it, I doesn't like it at all. Althrough I'm used to non-standard color-schemes, mostly black/dark blue/indigo, I feel something is wrong with these colors.
I know part of Ubuntu's signature is to use such colors (and one of my first goal after Ubuntu's installation is change completely the theme ^^), but here, they simply doesn't fit together !
Uh oh, there... what am I seeing ? Some yellow folders cloned from some "other operating system" -koff-, and just slightly "hue/saturation"-ed ? Come on, be serious... Any distro of linux IS NOT intended to look like other os family, I mean Apple products and Windows especially. So I will ever prefer the "Humility" icon set from Gutsy among the default and Ubuntu-specific ones.
So... here is what I could say about it. Take this as a personnal opinion from a skin-maniac ;) - Jan 23 2008

GTK2 Themes 19 comments

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Jan 19 2008
Definitely I like this one, even if I'm not a fan of "mutating" linux in some sort of windows imitation (especially the whole XP theme). But I just have to say some lil' things about it:

1. The "Times-like" font in the blue/green bar (top) doesn't fit much the rest of the theme. Some free equivalents of Segoe UI, Trebuchet MS and others would look great, I think.

2. The window buttons neither: (I may be wrong) they look like they were imported directly from another theme. Try to take the shape from the real vista buttons but without the "3D" effect behing them ;)

- Jan 19 2008
ACTIW - Another Crux Theme Innovative WP

Wallpaper Other 2 comments

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Dec 28 2007
The download link for the widescreen version leads to
I guess the name of the image is quite explicit ;) - Dec 28 2007
Neo Birdie

Various Gnome Stuff 15 comments

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Feb 13 2008
Please, can you explain me how to install with the windows version of pidgin ? It seems it doesn't work by just adapting the linux settings (gtkrc-2.0's pixmapdir espacially).

Thanks ;) - Dec 18 2007
Pidgin Oignon Head emoticons

Various Gnome Stuff 7 comments

by krs
Score 50.0%
Dec 13 2007
Go to pidgin preferences, there's a tab there where you can list and install smileys themes (sorry I don't remember exactly where it is). - Dec 14 2007
Great, I'll now be able to use these wonderful onions in my messages. Nice work ;) - Dec 13 2007
Underwater Emerald Theme

Compiz Themes 7 comments

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Dec 07 2007
What a nice and funny clock you have !
For a while, I thought it was your background image... - Dec 08 2007

GTK2 Themes 9 comments

Score 50.0%
Dec 06 2007
Here's what I think.

First of all, I LOVE black and orange, it's my favourite color association.

- I read "Hardy Hedron" somewhere... it it a text generated by the system or one of yours you tweaked ? In the second case, think that many people can have older distros and may use this theme.

- Colors used: nothing to say, I like it!

- The gimp loading screen. Hey, nice! Except it looks like a little "empty" in the middle of it. And I don't really like the progressbar, it's too flat and too bright than the background. You could base your work on the SphereCrystal theme, for example.

- Menu highlighted items. WTF ? The item is blurred upper, and sharp downer ? Maybe a rounded border and a little touch of orange (opacity < 100%) would be enough.

- Buttons in Nautilus. I guess this is the main item you should focus on. Your efforts to make a clear brushed dark themes sounds great, but these buttons break everything. A little gradient above 'em ? ^^

Window borders, "taskbar" and others: great,don't touch them ;) - Dec 07 2007

GDM Themes 1 comment

Score 50.0%
Dec 07 2007
Could you please upload your file somewhere else than MegaUpload ? It always complains about a "download limit exceeded" (I'm at work and forced to use a proxy).I think can be a good alternative to megaupload.

BTW, I've seen the screenshots you've provided, really great work =) - Dec 07 2007
Mac Os X Leopard

GTK2 Themes 7 comments

Score 50.0%
Nov 17 2007
Err... the second and third link leads to a "not found" page. Try rapidshare for the theme and for the background image.
BTW it really looks great ^^ - Nov 17 2007