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Huzaifah Ibnu Yaman

Metacity Themes by escortgoj 13 comments

may i know what font you use in the screenshot?

it looks nice.

- Nov 10 2009
Ring Sensors

Conky by Whise 17 comments

I found out that the nvidia GPU core sensor name always changes depending on its current temperature e.g nvidia GPU core: 75C . The problem arise when user restarted the pc and RingSensor setting RingSensor.ini couldn't find the right sensor which the name had changed (because temperature changed). Do you have any fix for this?

- Ubuntu Hardy Heron LTS 64-bit
- nvidia 8400M GS
- RingSensors v0.3

Thanks... - Sep 18 2008
linux usplash

Usplash Themes by crimeboy 3 comments

can you release the 64-bits binary?
really i love your usplash work!

thanks - Jun 15 2008