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john smith , United States of America
Long Dead

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Apr 23 2009
Thanks for the great wallpaper. - May 09 2009
Canyon descent 2

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by zb123
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Oct 26 2008
Having such a talented photographer say that is very cool. Thanks!
Bill - Apr 02 2009
Awesome. Thanks for the kind words. - Oct 21 2008
Yes, I forgot I had added the (c) before I decided to donate it to copyleft. OOPS! Sorry for the confusion. It was the least I could do to show appreciation for the linux community (user since redhat 7.2). You can check out all of my photogs on Please take it easy on my server, it is at my house on my lowly dsl connection.

I currently shoot a sony a700 with sigma 10-20mm which is heavy for these long hauls but it delivers the goods.

I have removed the copyright from the photo and uploaded it again. Thanks for pointing it out. - Oct 21 2008