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zach kay
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Jun 10 2006
i despise rounded corners, yet i like human
and you've brought a solution

~zach - Jun 25 2008

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Aug 23 2007
that was supposed to be switched not updated switched - Aug 23 2007
i also updated switched hosts so you don't have to go through annoying ads to get to the files!
~zach - Aug 23 2007
thanks to all those people who've downloaded my wallpaper!
it's only been up a couple of hours and already there've been 65 downloads
if anyone who liked it would like to post some comments (or even people who didnt, for that matter) on how it could be improved, or even improve it themselves and send me the changed *.xcf, feel free!
I'd also like to add a thanks to the developer(s) of the nuoveXT 2 icon pack and to, of course, firefox - "the browser, reloaded" - Aug 22 2007