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Siarhei Zaleuski Minsk, Belarus
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Chat & Messenging 20 comments

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Jul 03 2008
The vypress 2.0 (2.1) protocol is closed, so compatibility with vypress protocol is experimental and some things do not work well. - Jan 06 2007
trix_0.9-1_i386.deb is compiled for Debian 3.1 Sarge.
I have upload trix_0.9-2_i386.deb , please download this debian package and post here comments if installation will failed. Thank you. - Dec 30 2006
Private icq-like chat with Vypress (r) 2.0 is not available now. It will ba available in the next version of TriX (it will be released in some days). - Dec 18 2006
Thank you for your comments. - Dec 01 2006