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yvan jeans
Monochrome Tray Icons

Icon Sub-Sets by n00bw00t 43 comments

you did a nice dude :), could you make a miniature for appset-QT the software manager from chakra? and maybe for jdownloader (a lot off people use it). But for jdownloader you most but the miniature here : /home/YOUR_USERNAME/.jdownloader/jd/img/logo

best regard - May 11 2011

Plasma 4 Extensions by giucam 323 comments

Nice plasmoide :) but on kde 4.6 when you change a musique by clicking on next, the information from the musique disappears. - May 10 2011
Oxygen KDE (Firefox Theme)

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements by jimmy88 1782 comments

really nice skin :) but How did you remove the window decoration and put round corner ? - May 03 2011

Audioplayers by jamboarder 123 comments

Hi there , you made a really nice app it's my default music player :), but you should add the possibility to watch a folder and automatically add the new song or movie I put in the folder. - May 03 2011
Divergence IV - "A New Hope"

GTK2 Themes by jurialmunkey 169 comments

Hi, you did a great job.

You should create a GDM theme and plymouth, that would be awesome. - Dec 05 2010
rekonq Web Browser

Browser by adjam 290 comments

I've tried your browser, it goes really fast and it's much more intuitive than konqueror.

But it still some problème, it's totally impossible to use rekonq to sell item on ebay (belgium) and there is some problème with gmail - Jun 01 2010
Eye Friendly Dark

Plasma Color Schemes
by saftsocken

9   May 21 2011
DragonPlayer Crop Support

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements
by PxPert

9   May 03 2011

by jamboarder

9   May 03 2011