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Todor Gyumyushev , Bulgaria
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iKons 0.6 for KDE2/3

Icon Sub-Sets 177 comments

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Mar 02 2002
Nice approach. ArchLinux distro here ... - Nov 21 2011

Graphic Apps 49 comments

by sars
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Oct 31 2016
Great App keep it up - Aug 15 2009

Network 109 comments

by yodor
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Jul 11 2008
Just waiting for KDE 4.1 release. Come back soon for the port
- Jul 11 2008
Finally present in the latest version :) - Jul 10 2008
Link to Debian packages is updated.
It is now
Grab the latest package from there - Dec 26 2007
Well it definitely shows what is wrong. line.
I'm on kubuntu 7.10 but does not have the problem with autoconf.
- Dec 15 2007
Working on this with the debian maintainer. Link will be updated soon

Thanks - Dec 12 2007
- Jul 01 2007
run in the package folder to regenerate the configure scrtipt. - Jul 01 2007
Thanks for reporting this.
Fix is on its way. - Jun 30 2007
0.8 is out and should fix this issue.

Happy monitoring :) - Jun 29 2007
I'm not sure if the -ansi switch is the problem, I compile with -ansi very well
Can you try 0.72? Made a small adjustment - Jun 21 2007
Hi All,

I'm really looking for someone that can do package for openSuSE RPM !

Thanks in advance - Jun 28 2006
HI, first thank you for reporting this issue. Sure I'll help. Can you tell me more about what your distro is ?
Regards - Apr 10 2006
Thanks for suggesting this nice feature. - Mar 14 2006
Hope fixes it? - Mar 10 2006
Can you say something more about that? I would fix it soon then.
Regards - Mar 10 2006
Ok long time since update but here it is. 0.67.4 have some gui updates and the option to disable the tooltip. Happy monitoring :) - Mar 09 2006
yes, indeed, re-querying is needed, but I think this may need to use connection to dbus/hal.
But yes you can quit only one instance by clicking on "hide" not "quit" from the menu.
I'm still reworking some parts, you can expect better handling of the removable interfaces. - Dec 21 2005
Enjoy 0.67.3 with some of the features requested

Cheers - Dec 20 2005
Thank you for posting feature request.

I'll do my best to do all of this in near future.

Regards - Dec 16 2005
Hi, in trying to resolve this I've prepared 0.67.2. Hope this time it will work with you - Nov 14 2005
Sorry, I forgot to include this header in 0.67, but I think it is fixed in 0.67.1 which I just uploaded. Is it ok with 0.67.1 ? - Nov 13 2005
Hi, thank you for reporting this. Can you try with 0.67 and running also make sure you have the Qt and X headers installed ? - Nov 13 2005
Can you try with 0.67? - Nov 13 2005
This file must be auto generated from netsettings.ui by the Qt UIC compiler.
I suggest you run the before running configure. - Nov 07 2005
Yes, it is possible, in the new version 0.66 the interface selected is saved immediately, so you don't need to quit/restart the application as in the previous versions. - Nov 06 2005
Hi, while doing the wifi support in 0.65, I've been able to resolve some of the issues you mentioned.
But about the installation prefix, you can simply configure like this:
./configure --prefix=`kde-config --prefix`

Thanks for helping me fix all that. - Oct 26 2005
It would be nice, thank you for requesting :)
Actually I was thinking for different icons in respect of the interface selected - lo, ether,wifi, tunels.
I'll try to do much of this in future updates - Oct 23 2005
I'm not trying to suggest you anything for your system :), but I want this to compile correctly on FC4 too. And thank you for helping me solve this in advance.
Can you try with 0.64.1? - Oct 22 2005
just uploaded 0.64 which must resolve the above, by using different structure. I think the problem is that you are running linux 2.6 but your system has linux 2.4 headers installed. - Oct 22 2005
I hope 0.63 fixes the compilation issues with FC4 ? - Oct 20 2005
Sorry, KNetDockApp requires Linux kernel 2.6 to compile/run.

Slack10.2 seems to be with 2.4 - Oct 16 2005
Anyone tried to receive/transmit more than 4 gigabytes? - Oct 13 2005
Ok 0.61 is uploaded which must fix the above issue. - Oct 13 2005
Thank you, I'm on that - Oct 13 2005
just uploaded 0.6 which correctly includes the header where getpid() is defined. This must resolve the issue with Slamd64 ? - Oct 13 2005
It seems that the issue here is with the version of the kernel you are using. (slack 10.2 is running linux 2.4.x)
KNetDockApp can be compiled on 2.6.x kernels. - Oct 12 2005
Thank you. I'll try to install slack 10.2 on some machine and try to compile. - Oct 12 2005
I don't have problems compiling on SUSE, and Arch.
Slack headers issue? - Oct 12 2005
Hyper Video Converter

Video Converters 69 comments

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Nov 17 2008
Very good tool,
I like much the "Create Command" functionality ! - Oct 20 2007

System Software 60 comments

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Dec 14 2015

Indeed BSM works only when I'm on battery.
It will be good If I can switch to other modes when ac is pluged too. BSM is connected with the fan on this model, also sometimes I use the laptop completely without battery, and like swithing BSM to battery save to be able to turn off the fan to get more quiet env. (BSM is connected with voltages of the CPU and is alterting the CPU performance. So even CPU runs in 2GHZ if BSM is low CPU will run low performance.)
Finally in my bios there is Cooling mode switch: Max Pref, Perf, Battery Optimized. I think this is corresponding to Battery Save mode in toshset/ktoshiba but it is a kind of cooling mode. But I can not change it with cooling mode in toshset, only I can change it with BSM.

Here is the output of xsession-errors:
ktoshiba: KToshiba: SCI interface opened successfully.
ktoshiba: KToshiba: SCI version: 2.82
ktoshiba: ERROR: KToshibaSMMInterface::getPointingDevice(): Could not get Pointing Device status. (Funtion Not Supported)
ktoshiba: ERROR: KToshibaSMMInterface::getHyperThreading(): Could not get Hyper-Threading mode. (Funtion Not Supported)
ktoshiba: KToshiba: BIOS version: 3.532 7/1/2003
ktoshiba: KToshiba: Machine ID: 0xfcff
ktoshiba: KToshibaSMMInterface::enableSystemEvent(): Enabled Hotkeys.
ktoshiba: KToshibaSMMInterface::setBluetoothControl(): Bluetooth device detached successfully
ktoshiba: KToshibaSMMInterface::setBluetoothPower(): Bluetooth device disabled successfully
ktoshiba: KToshibaSMMInterface::setBluetoothControl(): Bluetooth device detached successfully
ktoshiba: KToshibaSMMInterface::setBluetoothPower(): Bluetooth device disabled successfully

This is after toggling few times.
Fn-1 and Fn-2 have - and + icons respectively. (Used to decrease increase resolution of display in win. but probably is good to be used for volume control :)).
Fn-space have kind of magnifier glass

I think there is still some small problem with KToshiba CPU usage. When running top shows always 9-10% CPU usage atleast for ktoshiba - Jun 14 2007

Thank you very much for your application. It is a must have for all toshiba notebook owners.

Just wanted to make few notes/suggestions.
1. The machine model is not correctly recognized - it says Tecra M2/Sattelitte and it should say Tecra M4.
2. Enabling of bluetooth does not work.
3. Changing of battery save mode does not work.(does not cycle, only full power is selected)
4. It allows me to choose hyperthreading which is not available on my CPU.
5. On this machine there is Fn-Space, Fn-1, and Fn-2 which can be used as function keys too.

Using toshset command line utility I can enable bluetooth, also I can change the battery save mode without problem.
I will be glad if I can help with anything to further develop this app.

Hope you can note these in the next version. Keep up the good work

Cheers - Jun 12 2007

Telephony 5 comments

by wRAR
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Dec 15 2006
Very nice app
Used it many times for my V3 Razr - Apr 10 2007

Various Games 7 comments

by yodor
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Oct 08 2005
Why not? if you don't like it don't download it :)

And btw it works very nice with software renderers like Mesa3D on slow machines too :)

Cheers - Nov 06 2005
Thank you for commenting, but I really like it how it is now - KSkippingStones :) - Oct 09 2005
Naming can be improved ??? What do you mean? - Oct 08 2005

Various KDE Stuff 10 comments

by yodor
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Jun 17 2007
0.2 is really faster than 0.1 :) - Oct 06 2005
Just uploaded a version to be used with amaroK, called libvisual-nastyfft ;) - Sep 28 2005
ok, the porting to libvisual is almost done :) - Sep 28 2005

Audio Extractors/Converters
by sokoloff

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9   Feb 21 2012