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Joachim FAROUZ
Kopete Vista

Full Icon Themes by YeO 6 comments

go to /usr/share/icons.

choose the folder of youre actually kde icons theme (ex : crystalsvg, or other...) and copy the kopetevista icons in the correspondant sub-folder.

I hope it's clear. excuse me for my english I'm french. - Nov 13 2006
My Desktop

KDE Plasma Screenshots by rabe 4 comments

it's a funny desktop...
What is youre icon's theme?
thanks - Jun 16 2006
Mandriva Tiny Tux

Bootsplash Various by YeO 2 comments

But, a pinguin it's not a sort of bird !? - May 28 2006
Slackware 10.2

Bootsplash Various by HarshReality 1 comment

I thinks it's a very good bootsplash ;-) - May 24 2006