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yawfle yawfle
Hi. Utterly worthwhile project, thank you very, very much. The previous version was the first that I used, and it built and performed fine. I just attempted to build the most recent KDE3 and GTK2, and while there were no issues with the latter, the KDE cmake command failed with this:

Quote:CMake Error: This project requires some variables to be set,
and cmake can not find them.
Please set the following variables:

I grep'd through the files in an attempt to figure out exactly where it was looking for this to be set, but so far haven't been able to make it work - help? :) - Jul 18 2008
random owls

Icon Sub-Sets by yawfle 5 comments

I would love to see more owls (or other odd small objects) shared as icons, myself. :) - Apr 12 2005

KDE 3.x Splash Screens by yawfle 2 comments

Thanks. I hoped somebody would see the fun in it. Since the splash screen is something that's only seen briefly every once in a while, I would submit that it's not subject to the same usability guidelines as other omnipresent resources such as icons, wallpaper, etc. (assuming it's something the user intentionally installs, of course) and should be something that might induce a laugh or smile to get things started on the right note. In fact, it might be kind of fun if there were a way to have the splash screen selected at random from a collection, in the tradition of the "Message Of The Day" or whatnot. It seems to me that it's inherited that role, alongside conveying it's modest information load. Anyone else feel that way? :) - Feb 26 2005