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Tom Tom
Could you please resize these all to sizes that actually work and then put them all in one archive? Thanks. - Apr 01 2007

GTK2 Themes by pizzach 2 comments

It's a great theme, thank you very much for it. This site needs more good dark themes. - Oct 29 2006

GTK2 Themes by emrahunal 7 comments

Uh... where's the metacity theme ._. - Oct 28 2006

GDM Themes by JmN2k1 5 comments

Great work, I love it. Clear, attractive, and simple. - Jul 10 2005
Debian Logo (Gnome menu bar)

Icon Sub-Sets by webanetwork 4 comments

Very good. *thumbs up* - May 09 2005
MacOS-X Aqua Theme

GTK2 Themes by DannyWu 266 comments

Nice theme, but I'm also curious about how you got your desktop looking the way it does. - May 09 2005
Debian Greeter

GDM Themes by webanetwork 8 comments

Is there any wallpaper that goes with this?

Awesome theme, btw. - May 08 2005
omg my name is Tom too. *high five*

Nice cursor set too. - May 01 2005
GTK-QT Theme Engine

GTK1 Themes by davidsansome 280 comments

It looks good, but it won't compile with GCC 3.4.1. Could you please make it GCC 3.4.1 compatible? - Jul 10 2004