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GTK2 Themes by bvc 9 comments

i think i agree that onyx is the best dark theme that i could find, and i've spent a good deal of time searching. however, imo there are a number of practical improvements to be made. some examples:

- can't tell whether checkboxes are checked, which radio box is chosen, etc. (black on barely-lighter black)

- disabled controls are much brighter/lighter than their enabled counterparts. eg: disabled menu items vs. enabled menu items, the scrollbar handle vs. scrollbar empty scrollbar space, etc.

- clicking an icon makes it go completely black (disappears on black background)

- some more i can't think of off the top of my head... :)

sadly these are significant enough to keep me from using this (and thus any dark theme). anyway, here's hoping that you'll address these issues in onux 2! thanks a lot for hearing me in. - Oct 17 2007
Scaled Black Mod

Compiz Themes by DBO 19 comments

i can't help but find the contrast between the quality of your window decorations and that of the MurrinaGraphite theme to be too dramatic.

i am currently using DarkerTheme for its shiny taskbar/system menu bar, so maybe that would be a good starting point, but the controls are still the usual beige, and the menus are pretty disgusting. - Oct 17 2007