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Plasma 5 Menus by matmoul 37 comments

Hello, thanks for your contribution to I sadly need to exclude your product from the Get Hot New Stuff program for now, as the download does not work anymore (the file has been archived). As soon as you can ensure that the download works again, I'll gladly include you back again. - Jul 27 2018
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Plasma 5 Applets by thevladsoft 8 comments

Hello, thanks for sharing your work here on When trying to install this product, the launcher does not show up under "Alternatives" unless I uncomment the last line in metadata.desktop. Could you maybe update the launcher such that users will be able to see this option right away? That'd be great. - Jul 27 2018
Bezier Clock

Plasma 5 Clocks by Dublicate

This is a pretty cool thing, but please move your plugin over to the "Plasma Wallpaper Plugin" section. If a user finds this plugin through Get Hot New Stuff he will most likely try to install it but the installation will fail because your plugin is not a clock widget. Thanks! - Jul 27 2018