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Jul 11 2005
I love version 0.4, but really don't like 0.5, because everything that made it so "clear" for me is gone.

-I don't like the new 'soft' titlebar gradient, the 0.4 gradient seemed more clear and flat to me, the 0.5 titlebar looks raised and pseudo-3d, but I prefer the flat look.
-I loved how the inactive windows looked like they were carved out of one piece, with the same color for window, titlebar and the filling of the title-bar-buttons, giving the windows a seamless look.
-I don't like the new buttons (close/maximize/...), I prefer the solid darker blue filling.

Basically I think this:
is the perfect clearlooks-version.

In general I prefer 0.4 because of the more "flat" look, 0.5 just isn't that clear anymore.
I don't want to be rude, I just think 0.4 was superior to 0.5, and since I'm really sad my Ubuntu upgraded 0.4 away, I registered an account here to let you know. - Mar 31 2005