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Saul Garcia
metal4kde "reloaded"

KDE 3.5 Themes 16 comments

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Mar 21 2008
Sorry for the inconvenience. I do not have the source anymore. I lose it when I installed kde4 in my system. Search in the original post, maybe the source is available. to do that search metal4kde in the search and review the answers. Maybe you can find the source.
Thank you. - May 19 2009
No problem.
Thank you. - Mar 26 2008
Hi, check your email for the package.
The source is 1.5 Mb so, I cant upload here.
Maybe if any has a site who wants to get this package available for everyone. Just ask to redirect a link in this site.

In the original post, I read a link where the source is available (like 2 months ago) maybe alive today.
Thank you. - Mar 26 2008
Of course, Check your email for the source package. - Mar 26 2008
Thank you for your comments. This theme / style is for kde 3.4 or above, but not for kde 4.
You can visit the link to view the original post. Is a combination of baghira and other themes / styles.
Thank you. All theme / style credit is in that link. - Mar 25 2008
Sorry, I do not have 64 bits, but if any want to build it, I can send the source file. Thank you. - Mar 25 2008

KDE 3.5 Themes 192 comments

by Ezy
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Jul 20 2009
Hello folks:

How do you install this theme / style?

I installed kbfx and follow the steps, but I only see the splash screen installed, the wallpaper, the menu kbfx and what happened with the rest?
color scheme, win dekorator (installer from source).
Thank you for your time. - Mar 26 2008
Blue Sun Kubuntu

Wallpapers Kubuntu 2 comments

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Sep 07 2007
It's amazing. Would you make it in different colors?
Like, orange, green, golden, pink, violet, white, etc. You have my vote.
Thanks. - Sep 06 2007
uncoloured -2

KDE 3 Color Schemes 3 comments

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Aug 11 2007
You can find them, if you use google. I wrote "tux icons" or "tux avatars". - Aug 11 2007
uncoloured -1

KDE 3 Color Schemes 5 comments

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Aug 09 2007
Hello. Thank you for your question. I remember that I wrote i google, Tux avatars or tux icons; that is all. I hope you find them (there are more than 400 in a compressed file.) - Aug 10 2007
Thank you for your feedback.
I am going to see why is twice the same color scheme. - Aug 10 2007
Renan's Scheme 4

KDE 3 Color Schemes 2 comments

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Aug 05 2007
Thank you for your work. It is good to use more colors than only use black, gray and blue.
You have mi vote. - Aug 07 2007
Kubuntu Widescreen Wallpaper

Wallpapers Kubuntu 1 comment

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Aug 03 2007
Hello there:
Wow, this wallpaper is very good, I think. The only one problem I think is that always all kind of art work is blue (almost 90 %).

Why is so bad to try another colors? When I was a Redmond user, always the color schemes were BLUE- GRAY since Win 3.11, I am so bored of that. Maybe other colors would be the rule.
The work is fine, only the color is that I do not like.
But thank you for your work. You have my vote.
- Aug 04 2007
coloured 2

KDE 3 Color Schemes 6 comments

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Aug 07 2007
thnk you for your comment, I am going to try that.
I really want to exclude the black and grey colors, they are so bored (note: they are not bad colors), all operative systems used them. I think, the people who makes the art is crazy? They need more imagination, not all is gray and black.
Now I am using the coloured 4 in my system and the people say: wow, it looks cool, but... I feel so strange with the colors, then I said to them, thats because you have a bad habit. - Jul 28 2007
Thank you for your opinion, I think you need to adjust the contrast and bright in your monitor manually, or in kcontrol, adjust the gamma in the color scheme page. And you must do if you used a black color scheme as too many people do actually. - Jul 27 2007

Well, ...I cannot remember where; but I know that in google I wrote: tux icons or tux avatars...
Something like that. - Jul 27 2007
86 fonts for design 4/4

Fonts 3 comments

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Jul 22 2007
Hello there:
The option that Selene offers, is good. You can also visit the website, and see some fonts, you can probe them writing in a field, and pressing enter, so if you see the characters you want in the preview, that font works for your system or native language. Many of the fonts in this site does not work the ñ, Ñ and accents.
I think you can try a file from here, or try to download a font from the web site.
Here: - Jul 23 2007

KDE 3 Color Schemes 2 comments

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Aug 07 2007
Thank you for your feedback. That is good for me. I am working in modifications, and another color schemes, with different colors. This is my first job in Linux, and I am learning more...

More soon!
Thank you. - Jul 22 2007
86 fonts for design 1/4

Fonts 3 comments

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Jul 22 2007
Thanks to you.
Well, I only see that 750 kb is the maximum amount to store a file in this server. Anyone who has a downloadable file bigger is because they have an external link to put available the file. That is not my case. - Jul 22 2007