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MP3 Taggers 217 comments

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May 10 2020
Ok so I tried again, and it worked this time. I just played with the To and From buttons, hit save, and they were changed. I will try to play with it some more and see if I can figure out exactly what is going on. May I ask why bother with the to/from inputs? Why not just give us a single input to set the format we want? I hate to use the "go with the crowd" argument, but all other tagging software I have tried via windows or Kubuntu just offers a single input form. It' simple and, I hate to use this phrase, but "it just works." That said, thank you for the response, and keep up the good work! - Oct 30 2012
So I played with the file as you suggested, and the problem still persists. The file gets renamed to %{track} %{artist} - %{title}. It refuses to pass the . to the file name despite kid3 renaming the tracks. I am using Kid3 2.1 on Kubuntu Precise Pangolin 12.04 x64. - Oct 30 2012
Sorry for the late response but thank you! I been using this method for awhile with only one problem. Not sure if this is a bug or something but I prefer to use the format %{track}. %{artist} - %{title}but when I perform the automatic renaming it always comes out as %{track} %{artist} - %{title}. Notice the later lacks a period after the track number. Is there something special I need to do to include a period after the track number? - Oct 11 2012
As a new Kubuntu user, I generally try to avoid compiling from source, but I also like to keep my every day apps up to date. This is one of my every day updates but the version offered by Canonical in the official ubuntu repositories is a few versions behind. So I looked to see if a PPA was available on launchpad for this program. I found the source code offered there, but no packages. I also found this page, obviously, but I only see 32 bit binaries available. I wondered if you would consider putting the ppa to use and offering 64 bit binaries? If not a PPA, any type of compatible repository would be great. - Jul 12 2012
Verify checksums within Dolphin

Dolphin Service Menus 18 comments

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Feb 14 2018
Hey oshunluvr, I like the use of the notification, but why not use the standard kdialog rather then requiring another notification package be installed? - Oct 21 2012
Imgur Service Menu

Dolphin Service Menus 1 comment

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Dec 24 2010
First, thank you for the service menu. this makes image sharing quick and easy. There is just one problem, you do not mention kilpper is required. I realize this is a default package that can not be removed, but not every one uses it. Maybe I am missing it's practicality, but the examples people have told me did not convince me that it suits my needs. However, the bash script is passing the URL to clipper. Why not pass it directly to the clipboard or atleast check if klipper is enabled, and if it is not enabled use bash to pass the URL directly to the clipboard. - Oct 21 2012
Root Actions Servicemenu

Dolphin Service Menus 225 comments

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Aug 06 2017
Is it possible to add a root action to move files to the users trash rather then delete them?

Regardless, nice work. This is very useful! - Jun 27 2012
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Mar 15 2013
K3b Dark

K3b Themes
by rickslopes

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Mar 15 2013