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Apr 21 2007
Looks like you've got the wrong version of QtRuby or something - read the previous messages

The torrent selection is something I'll probably work on, but OinK can't be done because it uses a captcha. - Apr 25 2007

It looks like Torrentspy and Mininova changed their sites - I'm going to work on fixing this tomorrow (or maybe tonight). - Apr 21 2007
Can you post the error? I can't do anything with 'doesn't work' - Mar 06 2007
Look, if you know of a service that can download the same album legally (ie set up an account with them, then they send you a bill or something), then by all means I'll add that too. But the problem is, I don't know of a way to do that on Linux, everything is DRM-locked down on Windows.

I wrote this program because I wanted to get exposure to more music without the effort of maintaining a "to buy" list, going to the record store, then ripping the CD to my computer, and right now, the only way is through torrent sites. It's really unfortunate that the "best" way to access digital movies and music is through copyright infringement but that's the world that the RIAA/MPAA has set up for themselves.

Now, perhaps instead it could automatically go on Amazon and put the CD in your cart for you? That's something I'd be glad to add as well, send me some code to talk to Amazon and you'll see a "buy this CD" item too.

In short, if you don't like this script, you're free to ignore it but instead of doing that, perhaps help me add an alternative - Feb 25 2007
Turns out the link for the website was busted, sorry about that.

I'm working on a new version that has multiple torrent client support as well as a config UI (and it will just get the torrent file instead of using the magnet URI) - Feb 23 2007
Yeah, that's definitely something I had in mind, just haven't got a chance to make a config dialog yet. Does KTorrent support Magnet URIs? - Feb 19 2007