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Nun Yabizniss , United States of America

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Dec 07 2007
Sorry they removed this from the server because the are in allegiance with dark powers. You can get it by going to - Dec 09 2007
It's pretty cool because in my own little world and the one that my friends, family, and fellow patriots live in there is only right and wrong. Everything is definite. There are no moral ambiguities. It is truly an easy existence to make sense of. - Dec 08 2007
Nope. Don't like pro-abortion, gun control, gay marriage, devil worshiping liberals. I'm not Republican or Democrat. I am a fascist according to my liberal acquaintances. Borders, language, culture as Mike Savage says. - Dec 08 2007

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Nov 27 2007
Thank you. I like my license. It is what I think about the entire eula thing. - Nov 28 2007
Thank you very much. I was wondering if you use a tablet when you edit? Do you use photoshop or gimp? - Nov 27 2007
Seasons Greetings

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by g33z
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Nov 24 2007
do you know if there is a water filter or script in gimp to make the water like you have in your drawing? Also how did you make the highlights on tux? Did you just use a lighter gradient? - Nov 25 2007
what did you use to draw tux? - Nov 24 2007
JKHP Ubuntu (many resolutions)

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Nov 10 2007
What program did you use to draw the character with? - Nov 18 2007
Debian christians

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Sep 26 2006
Nice and simple. :) God bless you. - Nov 17 2007
Tux Loves Mepis

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Nov 16 2007
Yup... It's a fitting license thinks I. - Nov 16 2007
Simply Mepis

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Nov 11 2007
Thank you very much. That was my first attempt at making a wallpaper with Gimp. - Nov 14 2007