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Giovanni Hurtado San Salvador, El Salvador
KDE Splash L

KDE 4 Splashscreens 2 comments

Rating: 7.4
Aug 01 2014
Thank you very much... - Jul 10 2014
KDM Archlinux L

KDM4 Themes 3 comments

Rating: 6.7
Jul 11 2014
If you can make a generic for which we use GNU/Linux, I hope to do it soon, for the moment Archlinux is what I use.... - Jul 10 2014
Modern KDE 4 Splash Screen

KDE 4 Splashscreens 15 comments

Rating: 8.3
Jul 09 2014
Hi molecule-eye, thank you very much for your comments, I'll take into account for future versions. - Apr 15 2014
Thanks UnderTheGun, your work is great too congratulations, a question like do to package your KDE Splash? - Mar 20 2014
Hi!, You can download it from - Mar 13 2014
Hi Llynch Sshampoo,

You can download version 10.3 from the next link

Thank you for using KDE Splash! - Mar 03 2014
Hi!, could you tell me what you are using on your monitor resolution?, I've updated and added a fund called rocks.png, can change it by editing the file main.qml and tell me that this is going to be background.

Thank you, - Feb 15 2014
Archlinux KDE KSplash

KDE 4 Splashscreens 2 comments

Rating: 6.8
Apr 06 2014
Hola malcer muchas gracias!, en este momento hago referencia a los iconos que fueron usados del artwork "Dharma" de Chakra y al mismo tiempo agrego el enlace de deviantart.

Saludos y gracias a ti. - Feb 21 2014
Purple Happy

Plasma Color Schemes 2 comments

Rating: 6.8
Apr 03 2013
Hi wolftone!,

is a purple shooting a blue, Lol, lol,

Bye :D - Apr 03 2013
Rating: 6.5
9   Feb 21 2014