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Eric Stockwell

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Nov 16 2014
Ok, I am using 0.62 and am n00bish, so it took me a minute to figure this out and write up some bugs I observed. If you are using the $trackno variable, to make it put a leading 0 before track numbers < 9 you have to change it to

${trackno length="2"}

So it looks like that is working fine for me, at least.

Also, when you have one track selected (incidentally or otherwise) in the track list and click "Extract CDDA" it will only extract that single track, which can be very unexpected. I would suggest adding an explicit "rip single track" option somewhere to avoid confusion, but ultimately that is your decision.

For me it also seems to be ignoring the destination directory for written files and puts them in ~/ (I am telling Audex /home/me/Desktop)

Finally, in the profile Mask settings, if you specify a formatted directory for the converted files (i.e. as "$artist - $title/$trackno etc...") it seems to accidentally add the directory once recursively so that you end up with a hierarchy not only containing

$artist - $title/audio-files...

but also an empty folder with the same formatted name:

$artist - $title/$artist - $title/

Hope this helps... :) - Jan 27 2009
This is an awesome program. I'd _love_ to see an option for Audex to add a leading '0' to track numbers less than 10, i.e. 08, 09, is much less of a pain than adding them later :) Is this possible? - Jan 26 2009
'CylonMinimal' Window Decoration for KDE

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Oct 02 2007
Very cool. I'd really like to see this with a darker border though (blue or black). - Oct 24 2007