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William Lahti Ishpeming, United States of America
Advanced Permissions - konqueror

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements by markuzzo 29 comments

You could compact the whole listbox into a combobox underneath the original three rows (user, group, others). I modded the .ui and put it up here: - Nov 26 2006
Taskbar, thumbnails and halos

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements by daphantom 5 comments

no its not hard. All you need to do is implement it in your own XCM (X Compositing Manager). No need to use OpenGL either because XRender can be accelerated (and is accelerated fairly well on NVIDIA hardware with the binary drivers).

The only real problem would be interacting with the taskbar. However it could be possible to integrate translucency control into the taskbar (through the translucency window-manager property which transset sets) so that it dims all the others except the one you want.

Right now all my windows have shadows, so perhaps if it was a general halo of a different color. - Sep 23 2004
KDE GL Extreme requesting your help

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements by jrch2k 12 comments

No it looks quite nice in my opinion. And just because you dont like how X development with Xfree works doesnt mean you should HACK it up.

besides, thats why xouvert exists - Sep 11 2003
KDE GL Extreme requesting your help

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements by jrch2k 12 comments

you are obviously pretty thick. KDE = X. Period. No question whatsoever.

As I said in a below comment, accelerating QT will do nothing for you. If we were to use opengl as a basis for a new rendering target in XFree86, then we could make things like alpha compositing and blitting and many other eye candy effects very fast and very easy - Sep 11 2003
KDE GL Extreme requesting your help

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements by jrch2k 12 comments

also, what the hell is this a joke? those mockups are completely stupid. - Sep 11 2003
KDE GL Extreme requesting your help

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements by jrch2k 12 comments

Are you serious? Do you have any idea how huge that is? and how stupid it is also?

Making QT and KDE use opengl is not only the most pointless act of insanity possible but it is also the worst way of going about adding GL support.

1. Why do you think QT needs it? Because it's slow? because XFree's slow? No it's not. If you mean the speed of Render's compositing, then head on over to xouvert or xfree and help them out with standardizing a Render test suite so driver maintainers can get Render acceleration into their drivers. If you mean how _smooth_ redrawing is after expose events, then you should work WITH qt (note: not fork it) to work on double buffering (coming in qt4) and the ungrouping of expose events, as well as the ability to use X's backingstore.

2. Adding opengl support to QT isn't that hard anyway... all you basically have to do is modify the QWidget code to play opengl instead of X! (theres prolly some other places that may need to change, if there is any hacky code using the X primitives directly (does QPainter do this?)

Over all, I think you should have considered this before starting it, as using opengl to accelerate KDE and QT themselves will barely benefit the smoothness of the desktop. Also the speed improvements will be undeterminable (because drawing, the only part affected by opengl, is already too fast to see, and im talking DRAWING, not the speed of reaction to expose events) - Sep 11 2003
Aqua Icons Modified

Icon Sub-Sets by snakattak3 10 comments

well if apple whines then we'll worry. - Aug 12 2003

Wallpaper Other by MicroKill 7 comments

I like it, simple and clean. The big tux makes it look a little unbalanced though. - Aug 11 2003
System Overload

Wallpaper Other by g30ffD 2 comments

I'm gonna use this as my wallpaper for now because I've been playing ET a lot and I think this portrays the right attitude to get into for that game :D - Jul 09 2003
Ghost [Wallpaper]

Wallpaper Other by xfury 3 comments

I don't think it has to mention Linux or KDE to be in place here at

But to answer your question I am making a theme for KDE/GTK+, Ksplash, and maybe an icon theme and this wallpaper was designed to go with it.

I'm glad you like it... I'm not really an artist yet, though I try... I just do things that look cool to me and learn from that stuff. - Jun 26 2003
Animated Keramik

KDE 3.0-3.4 Themes by clee 18 comments

i made a pinstripe replacement for progressbar-cc.png (under keramik/pics). you can drop it in and recompile slicker to get a pinstripe thing. however, the end caps of the progress bar dont really match... im busy with another theme to do much with it :). well anyway i'll put it here:

just download it and replace keramik's one with this one. - Jun 25 2003
a hunting we will go

Wallpaper Other by buschman 7 comments

some one should make a flash or something of this actually happening :) - Mar 20 2003

Wallpaper Other by peio 1 comment

very nice indeed: it's great to see slackware wallpapers on kde-look :). good work! - Mar 20 2003