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xeta prime

Wallpaper Other by alois-kde 17 comments

Is GREAT!!! But the towers sadly in the background, considering they are not there anymore, really does ruin the "Penguin of Liberty".

Re-do it with only the statue and you'll have a real winner. - Nov 02 2002
Tux And LindowsOS

Wallpaper Other by Lexville 2 comments

okaaayyyy, not to put Lindows down or noth'n, but is this really "wallpaper"? Cleaning up some of the paste marks might help...ehh...maybe... - Oct 18 2002
at the kde bar

Wallpapers KDE Plasma by fop 4 comments

A Doolak!!! yes, they are quite different(from the back).

heh heh

Great job!! - Sep 12 2002
Quicksilver (Kill me!)

Wallpaper Other by reto 7 comments

I agree with him, no I mean with retro, no I mean yes, I mean...


Like your wallpaper retro :)

No, seriously. It's cool. - Sep 07 2002
Quicksilver (Kill me!)

Wallpaper Other by reto 7 comments

Why would I want to: KILL YOU! DELETE YOU! HANG YOU UP ON THE HIGHEST TREE IN TOWN? Unless you're living on the edge and you're into all that kinky know what I mean, yeah and some of those "K" are sweet and some of those "Linux" thingies are cool...can you blame us, we are all just so excited about this alternative lifestyle we've found "away" FROM MICROSOFT. Haven't even looked at your wallpaper...gonna now, ehh thanx for listen-reading and stuff.

Androidaly yours,

xeta prime - Sep 07 2002