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OicangI AniloM Arauco, Chile
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KSplasherX for KDE4

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Oct 04 2008
yes!, the original KSplasher, who works on the Moodin Engine for KDE3.
you can found it

Note that is still under development, but you can edit any (almost) downloaded moodin Splash Screen.

Right now i'm just developing the KDE4 version, based on the "don't look back" premise... and most of KDE4 distros are using ksplashx engine by default.

Good luck!.
Bye. - Sep 13 2008
KSplasher Splash Screen Editor

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Aug 02 2008
err... i'm not that skilled (yet) to do that. i'm just using an install script found on another app, but if you can help me fixing it (or creating some new script) i'll be glad.
see ya. - Aug 05 2008
hi, my friend. thnx for trying my app.
have you tried with ALT+F2 and then typing "ksplasher" ??
about dependencies, it's only python-qt4 (or pyqt4 depending your distro).

i have tried the install script in some systems (kde3 and kde4) and sometimes as you told, it doesn't appears the icon. :(

if someone can fix the script i'll be pleased. - Aug 05 2008

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Apr 05 2006
do transparent background on your user list? (like in your screenshot) or is some kind of trick?

BTW: nice work!... i vote for a blue theme too, plz!. - Aug 02 2008
KSplasher - KDE Moodin Splash Screen Edi

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Mar 19 2008
At the time, the program is standalone, so you must extract it wherever you want (example, your "~" directory), and run it with console "python".
Don't forget to install packages python, python-pygame, python-imaging or you will have errors.
The ideal use for this program is to load the compressed file directly, edit it, and then save as .tar.gz (this allows you to load it directly to kcontrol for testing). The new file will be saved in the ksplasher main directory with the name of your theme as name of your .tar.gz file.
Hope this helps.

By the way, i'm not dead, i'm working porting this app to pyqt4 (so i'm rewritting it) for better compatibility with KDE 3/4.

See ya. - May 09 2008
Thnx for asking.
Yes, the next release will have some kind of setup. (this is a one-man project, and i've been working in complete basic features).
But yes, it will be.
By the way... where do you think that KSPlasher suppose to be located (which path, which kmenu, etc..)???
XaniloM. - Mar 21 2008
OK, Ksplasher is now fully functional, we have just a few small TODO, so feedback is needed for enhancing it.

XaniloM - Mar 19 2008
Thanks a lot!
It is clear that the design is not my strongest quality. Thnx for helping the Free World to work as it could be (sharing work is the key). I'm planning to use your logo for the next release of KSplasher, assuming that is licensed as Artistic, or GPL, or whatever that allows me to use it. If you wants to participate a little more i'm also requesting an icon for KSplasher.

greetings from the world's end. - Feb 26 2008
Well, by now, i'm working in a GUI for KSplasher, that allows user more control about the changes on the fly. Also, i'm implementig the ability to load the themes directly from the .tar.gz archive.

After that i'm planning to create a KDM login screen editor, which is in the practice about the same than KSplasher, but with XML generation beside TXT.

I haven't tried gfxboot so i can't figure if KSplasher can be transformed to work with gfxboot, but if it can, it will be implemented later. - Feb 26 2008
KSplasher Moodin Editor and Creator

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Aug 02 2008
Well, this problem is associated to a new dependency of KSplasher: Python Image Library (PIL). You can install it as you do with pygame. Look for the "python-imaging" or "python-image" or "python-pil" in your packaging system and all will works well. - Mar 25 2008
FeedBack are welcome, as usual.
Plz test it and help to enhance commenting it.
XaniloM. - Mar 19 2008
I copy that.
Now is in tar format (and updated to v0.9) - Mar 03 2008
Well, i haven't try your way to run it, usually you don't need to chmod any file, and after install python, pygame, (and maybe you will need the module numpy), you only have to go to your console (inside the extracted folder) and type 'python'.

Hope this work. - Feb 25 2008
Crystal Project

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Aug 11 2009
Man you're one of the most talented guys in the net.
Your work is just perfect.

Thanks for give us this new masterpiece. - Jun 16 2007