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xanda escuyer
Resume Media V3.40 (Win/Lin)

VLC Extensions by pnon10s 98 comments

Thanks for the prompt reply. In response to questions (in bold), here are our findings:-

* Does it happen predictably every time you stop a media that was started in Resume Media?
The short answer is yes - the problem is 100% repeatable. The issue manifests slightly differently given the media type though. Here's what what we have found:-
Video (single MP4 file): simply stopping at any point, regardless of which table is enabled, will result in crash.
Audio (single MP3 file): Firstly, we noticed that a track must be passed the 60s mark for Resume Media to even bookmark it. After this, the marker can be updated on stop/start as required. However, jumping back and forth through the track (regardless of duration and whether or not the native slider/skip-jump buttons are used) will eventually induce the fault; nor does it matter if the interface is used casually or hammered.

* Does it happen with any media or only certain ones (file type, maybe)?

See above.

* Does it still happen if you play and stop the media from VLC with Resume Media closed?

No - not as far as we have seen anyway. Using the standard bookmark feature with an XSPF playlist does not manifest this problem.

* Are you using Version 3 of Resume Media. V3 was recalled a day after it was released because of an issue, and released again later. The new release should have been labeled V3.1 to differentiate it, but wasn't.

In that case we simply cannot tell. VLC reports the add-on as V3.00. This is the only copy we could see available for download and was obtained - from this site - about 48hrs before we initially posted. The date given within the file is 5th May 2014 (which seems a bit old given it was reported as updated more recently than that).

Also, our VLC build is the x64 version of 2.1.5 Rincewind.

- Dec 29 2014
Resume Media V3.40 (Win/Lin)

VLC Extensions by pnon10s 98 comments

I think I might be experiencing the same problem(?)
Installation is fine and the add-on even does what it's supposed to do.
The hitch is encountered when stopping playback: VLC goes off the reservation and into the wilderness i.e. 'application not responding'.
To get control back, it then becomes necessary to kill the program using Task Manager.
When running VLC again and browsing the list of available tables, all the previous playback positions are presented without issue - hence it does what it's supposed to.
It's only when stopping playback that things go awry.
Our platform is:
OS: Win 7 Ultimate x64
CPU: Intel Centrino 2 dual-core
RAM: 4GB - Dec 25 2014