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Full Icon Themes by xanayoshi 4 comments

Sorry, I will track down and reupload where possible for download. - Mar 15 2018

Full Icon Themes by xanayoshi 4 comments

Key? - Nov 02 2016

Full Icon Themes by xanayoshi 3 comments

You can go through each icon directly or do the whole set at once but it definitely will have issues and your computer needs to have some power. I went through each of the the folders and ran different batch processes through GIMP and used Geany to adjust fills with the .svg but I imagine any editor will do, Geany just has handy built-in colour tools. I also checked each as it came out the other end to watch for inconsistencies. The gray set is remarkably suited for this as it is a basic absence of colour making it really easy to get the exact colour you want. It is still a no-good dirty cheat but variety is the spice of life. With the Gnome set it is more detailed and far more time-consuming. - May 26 2015

QtCurve by xanayoshi 2 comments

To make it work...

apt-get install qtcurve

systemsettings-->Application Appearance-->Style-->Widget Style
Switch to Qtcurve
Then Configure-->Import

Make sure it ends in .qtcurve or just drop in

or at root...usr/share/kde4/apps/qtcurve, and it will show in the presets - Aug 26 2014