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Eduard Gamonal barcelona (Catalonia)
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Linux Heated

Wallpaper Other 7 comments

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Jan 15 2007
i'll read it right now! thanks ;D - Jan 18 2007
hey! did you use tutorial, maybe? :D
great one! - Jan 15 2007
Ubuntu in blue flames

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by xadap
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Oct 17 2009
I often use the gimp, but this time i'm afraid I took photoshop, instead.
Have a look at . there's a how-to really interesting. i bet i could do the same on gimp, but on 2005 December i didn't manage to boot it under windows, while my computer was almost crashed down :(
- Jan 18 2007
thank you guy! - Jan 15 2007
i'm sorry, there's no update.
i just got a bit confused and clicked somewhere :P - Dec 22 2005