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Wygi Wyg
amaroK: Wolf Howl

Various Artwork by euxneks 27 comments

Small sizes are not good enough. I simply can't see that it is a wolf's head when it is scaled to 32x32, 22x22 and 16x16.

Amarok means wolf's eye, and I think that a combination of an eye and a speaker is much better solution. - Dec 09 2004
amaroK icon

Various Artwork by skullbooks 10 comments

The wolf looks like a worm when 32x32, 22x22 & 16x16. That's not a good solution. - Dec 09 2004

Icon Sub-Sets by flow 217 comments

Dude, you make me smile :)

Design: excellent, very simple and it should stay like this. Not too many elements like in many other icon sets.

Colors: pleasant, not too colorful, and you can see at the first sight what is what.

Cheers - Dec 07 2003

Icon Sub-Sets by pirke 34 comments

This is IMHO the best icon theme ever made for KDE. It is original (not derivated from MacOSX & WinXP icons), clear, excellent designed, color palette is very pleasant and they have modern look.

- Nov 30 2003
Navigation Panel in Profile!

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements by WinterWolf 6 comments

There is one other thing that drives me crazy about Konqueror. Sorting files by type is the way I like & prefer to manage & view my files in directories (folders). Saving pofileFilemanagement doesn't help and Konqueror always opens directories where files are sorted by name. - Sep 07 2003