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William Leese
Kopete Visual

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements by gr3gg 60 comments

.. what exactly is wrong with MSN's chat window?

Let's take a look at this concept:

+ It has room for a fullsized buddy icon
+ It copies often used features from the menu's into the tabdock to make them more accessible
+ It places the toolbar closer to the actual widget it applies to, the textinput field

So what is actually WRONG with this design? I hope the kopete devs will put their feet back on the ground and look at these kind of suggested improvements with the same criteria they look at their code:

is this faster / more flexible / more readable / in any other way better than the code this patch is going to alter? yes: apply, no: discard.

No hostility meant BTW. - Nov 07 2004
Secure Copy To Remote Host

Dolphin Service Menus by SynTruth 6 comments

This has just been obsoleted in KDE CVS :)

The "Copy/Move To .." feature ('kuick'?) allows you to type an URL when choosing "Browse".

See: - Apr 17 2004
Blue frustration

Wallpaper Other by Maui15 6 comments

OK, just posting because you asked ;)

It's nice. Being less complex than the standard KDE blue swirl background it's pleasant on the eyes. For some reason I'm reminded of a Windows background. I guess this would be the distorted version of it :) - Jul 29 2003
Themeable panel

Various Stuff by daniele 39 comments

.. I read the text. Read my comment as a rant against all these "wow, this should replace xxx" responses as of late on KDE-Look with regard to user UI design idea's.

Not to discourage people's efforts, but rather to make people aware of some restrictions that need to be placed on some people's creativity.

- Nov 03 2002
Themeable panel

Various Stuff by daniele 39 comments

.. matter.

You need to take into consideration that the edge of the screen is the most accessible area available.

While the K button on the screenshot is definitially bigger than my "medium" sized default K button, mine is far more accessible because it's on the edge of the screen (bottom-left). - Nov 03 2002
Themeable panel

Various Stuff by daniele 39 comments

.. but does anyone actually take into consideration that it's meant to be usable aswell?

(I'm aware that this is only a screenshot. These suggestions/half rant is meant to perhaps make your efforts more useful)

- Everything on the panel looks like a potention button because you don't differentiate between art and function.

- The K button is much more difficult to access because of the space to the left of it (you're now not able to 'throw' your cursor to the bottom-left of the screen to click the K menu).

- Same goes for the quick-launch buttons only now the poorly used space is underneath it.

- The buttons underneath the quick-launch buttons are more easier accessible than the quick-launch buttons themselves. So users are going to use those buttons more often than quick-launch buttons? If not, what is the argument to make them more accessible than other, more important buttons?

- The contrast should be greater so that the 'raised' area's are more visible.

- The taskpanel-applet is unusable for people who are less skilled with the mouse. It would be pointless allowing a 'view icon & application title' option because only 2-3 items could be displayed because of the oval design.

- Nov 03 2002
Crystal GT

Full Icon Themes by everaldo 385 comments

The new K menu icon is beautiful!

The folder icons on the other hand are weird :/ I prefered the ones in previous crystal releases. Maybe it's just me. - Aug 18 2002
*nice* screenshot (?)

KDE Plasma Screenshots by KoRn 13 comments

cheers! about the dll's: i'll rip them from a Win98 installation somewhere.

thanks again! - Aug 18 2002
*nice* screenshot (?)

KDE Plasma Screenshots by KoRn 13 comments

...what i really want to know is how you got KaZaa to work. I've tried installing it using wine without success. Thought I'd need internet explorer, but couldn't get that installed either.

Any tips? - Aug 17 2002
New style 'Different'

Various Stuff by renoken 57 comments

A few more suggestions:

- the scrollbar's width is still too small when compared to the space that is provided (the box that is draw around the arrows and scrollbar)

- the whitespace between the arrows and scrollbar should go (i.e. draw a box around the arrows and allow the scrollbar to scroll up against the box).

The scrollbar & arrows look good, but they're too unwieldy compared to most standard themes.

- the width of the sidebar's toolbar should be less. not sure if that's possible judging by the screenshot though.

- the hide/unhide toolbar widget should have a more neutral color. another shade of gray perhaps.

- (someone else made this comment) the orange in some cases is slightly too agressive (i.e. the box drawn around menu selection, button selection..)

- the box drawn around menu items on mouseover should be filled - Jul 09 2002
New style 'Different'

Various Stuff by renoken 57 comments

It makes it looked more professional. Also, without the seperation how does a user figurout what a toolbar is when everything is just one mass of seemingly (vertically) unordered buttons.

Looking good. - Jul 09 2002
New style 'Different'

Various Stuff by renoken 57 comments

.. it lacks horizontal toolbar seperators (i.e. a thin, horizontal grey line which seperates two toolbars from eachother). - Jul 09 2002
New style 'Different'

Various Stuff by renoken 57 comments

- the scrollbar and associated arrows are a few mm's too thin

- the combobox arrow should point down - Jul 07 2002