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Corey Morris

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Jan 01 2011
I like the wallpaper, it really matches your gtk theme well, which I must ask what is your gtk theme? - Apr 10 2009
Panther & Graphite gtk2 theme

GTK2 Themes 2 comments

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Mar 28 2009
This is a very nice theme, I really like how the windows look with it, I don't however like how the panels look, the background image is too small and you can see the line from it being too small to fit the whole panel, also when things are selected on the panel they don't look nice, but other than that, it's very good. - Mar 13 2009
Yulebuntu (Christmas theme)

GTK2 Themes 6 comments

Score 58.0%
Nov 22 2008
For the most part, I do agree that the icons is mostly what throws off the theme, and yes making icons takes a long time, so that much is understandable. This is why I said not bad, as you did your best with your resources. - Nov 23 2008
For the most part this does feel like a Christmas theme, it just feels like there are bits and pieces which don't match or go together well. - Nov 22 2008
Ubuntu 8.10 CD Label

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Nov 14 2008
One thing I noticed is if this was green, that brown part on the left would look like a leaf, and probably would look like linux mint, maybe it's just me. - Nov 04 2008
Azul Glassy

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Oct 30 2008
I'm also getting a invalid theme error when I try to install this, don't know why. - Oct 31 2008
Well on that note, I would prefer a brighter shade of blue on the blue version, I find your shade too dark for my liking. - Oct 31 2008
I like this theme, keep up the good work! - Oct 31 2008
New Murrine Configurator

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Score 43.3%
Mar 10 2007
Does this work with Murrine 0.60.1? - Oct 26 2008
Score 50.0%
Feb 02 2009
I'm pretty sure it can be opened with GIMP, as my GIMP will usually (by default) try to save as a .XCF file. - Oct 26 2008
I really hope Ubuntu uses this for their CD's, probably won't happen though, they are always stubborn when it comes to good looks. - Oct 25 2008

GTK2 Themes 24 comments

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Oct 18 2008
Great theme, too bad its a dark based theme, because there is already like 10000 of them, and I'm sick of them, but nice anyhow. What icon theme is that? - Oct 18 2008

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Oct 15 2008
Very nice theme, what music player is that? - Oct 15 2008
mac4lin theme

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Score 58.0%
Oct 11 2008
what music player is that? - Oct 15 2008
ubuntu 8.10 warty final

Wallpapers Ubuntu 3 comments

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Oct 13 2008
Why Mark Shuttleworth would want something like that as the default wallpaper is beyound me, it's almost like he doesn't want new users to use ubuntu do to its extreme uglyness - Oct 13 2008

Wallpaper Other 2 comments

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Oct 05 2008
I love the comment in the picture, made me laugh =D - Oct 05 2008