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New Wave Gdm Face Browser

GDM Themes 10 comments

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Sep 02 2008
HOw do I point to different pictures for the users? - Apr 08 2009

Kbfx Startmenu 5 comments

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Nov 11 2006
well it's cool my gnome-look login works here two...I think I'm having trouble with kbfx I can't get any of the themes to look like any of the screen shots there all real big. I'm more used to gnome but figured I'd try pc-bsd still tring to figure out where my emerald and compiz settings are? anybody know what may be going on with this kbfx please give me some ideas... - Feb 08 2008
sugestions for 'Vista Start Menu ..."

Various Gnome Stuff 29 comments

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Mar 11 2008
If you want to change this manually right now, type sudo gedit /usr/share/vistamenu/Themes/0/themedata.xml and change Height="64" to Height="65"
and do the same for the other theme
sudo gedit /usr/share/vistamenu/Themes/1/themedata.xml - Jan 15 2008
well I figured out if I use the right gtx themes then I have my icons on the left but on my other suystem I still need to fix the bug with icon box not working I heard this had something to do with a compiz issue any buddy know where to find fix? - Jan 15 2008
on one system I get icons on left but icon box on top does not work.

I installed on laptop and Icon box on top works but I have no icons on the ledft only text.

Any rhyme to this reason? - Jan 14 2008
I changed my gtk theme and that fixed the panel icon but still can't figure out the icon box on top of the menu that is suppose to change nothing apears in there. - Jan 14 2008
the main menu icon does not apear tranparent on my panel it leaves me with a white background with either image that I use and the selected item icon box deoes not show any icons no matter what is selected on the menu. Is there a fix or something I need to tweak for this? obviously the screen shots show it working . - Jan 14 2008
My IP Screenlet

Conky 10 comments

by Whise
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Jan 26 2008
is there a way to set it to display the internal IP instead of the external IP - Dec 06 2007
Clear Weather Screenlet

Conky 50 comments

by Whise
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May 11 2008
is there a farenhight option celcius makes it seem really cold - Dec 06 2007