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Wolfgang Rohdewald

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Jan 21 2017
Please open a bug report at and fill out all fields. Also describe exactly what you did. Did this happen while installing kajongg or while executing it? What were the last windows/dialogs/messages that were displayed before? - Dec 30 2015
You can report bugs by going into the Kajongg help menu and selecting the "Report bug" command.
Or you can send a E-Mail to the developer (myself), see Help/About Kajongg.

That game crash has probably been fixed:
but it was a little too late for KDE 4.7.1
If you experience it again, please tell me
more details.

about your missing double in the zero point hand: That is a bug in the corresponding rule. You can fix that locally by copying the default ruleset and by fixing the rule in the copy. In the ruleset editor, go to the hand rules,find the rule about own flower and own season and edit the field "Definion": replace "m" by "[mMx]".

this bug will be fixed in KDE 4.7.2

I wonder how you got 15 tiles. This should not be possible. I have a suspicion - maybe it is a graphical artifact. I fixed something there two weeks ago - could you please open a bug report for this one too and also try what happens with that tile when you resize the window? Also, did you check if the tile which was not discarded was really missing in the discard area, or was it visible once too much?

- Sep 19 2011
Glad you like it!

I am away for vacation and answering is a little inconvenient - but I am sure the help manual for kajongg should help you. Please use the latest version from svn.

The help manual also explains how rules are defined. Mostly those are regular expressions.

Wolfgang - Jun 12 2010
yes - it moved again. It is now part of KDE4 and should be including in KDE4.5, sometime in autumn I believe.

I already updated the link in the description:

svn co svn://

svn cat svn:// > kajongg.po
where XX is the wanted language

the latest version supports voices - the manual tells you where to record what and then other players can hear your discards and claims. - Mar 29 2010
in trunk/l10n-kde4/*/*/kdereview - Mar 04 2010
Kajongg is currently in review at:
svn co svn://

but in the next few days it will move again - I do not yet know where. - Mar 01 2010
I must really rewrite the description. I believe what you want is already there. This is what I described as

Scoring a manual game where you play as always and use Kajongg for the computation of scores and for bookkeeping.

Play as always means with real people/tiles on a real table without computer. At the end you either calculate scores manually and enter them so Kajongg can make the payments between players and update a table with all results, or you tell Kajongg all it needs to know for computing the score.

Or did I misunderstand you?

The trick in implementing this was that I wanted to deduce as much as possible by the tiles each player has in her hand. So those rules that cannot apply to a hand are not even proposed, and if two rules exclude each other and you apply one of them, the other one's checkbox disappears from the screen. - Feb 14 2010
Please post the error message here or mail it to me. I do not know and currently have no time to find out if it is trustworthy.

This applies to all pastebins, uploads, shortlink services and similar. You never know when they delete the content again - and then those comments here are worthless.

Just in case you are using kubuntu karmic with 4.4 backport: They have a problem with the transition from v4.6 API to v4.7 API, it is incomplete. I had to downgrade python-qt4, python-qt4-sql, python-sip4 and pyqt4-dev-tools - Feb 01 2010
could you please mail me that file? I dont know and I currently have no time to find out how trustworthy it is. - Feb 01 2010
Well - Kajongg is 100% Python, no C++ needed!

A good english Riichi doc certainly would be a helpful start. - Jan 28 2010
that would be great!

The best start is probably talking to the KDE polish translation team: - Jan 27 2010
I certainly plan to add major game variations but I have to do a lot of other things first:

- some more cleanups (there are a few known bugs)
- get it officially into KDE
- suspend / resume of games, also surviving a game server restart
- negotiate rules before starting a game:
the game server should show which ruleset is defined for a table and the client should show if we have an identical ruleset defined or show the differences
- implement dangerous game, robbing the kong
- make computer players much more intelligent
- implement calling hands
- start adding more rulesets, but first others from the Classical Chinese group

If you want to help out you are very welcome - maybe you want to help implementing support for Riichi? I actually believe most of Riichi can be implemented with the existing program just by defining a ruleset. If program support is missing, like different names for the scores, it should be easy to add that. - Jan 26 2010
you might want to have a look at xmj by Julian Bradfield. This already lets you play against the computer. I eventually want to add the same functionality to kmj. - Sep 15 2009

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Mar 25 2015
Did you find a way how to pass phone book entries into the Fritz box? It would be quite handy if I could pass all my kaddressbook entries that way - and KFritz could pass new entries for incoming calls where the number has to be looked up in das Oertliche. - Feb 14 2010