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Jan 21 2009
Thanks for everything. I fix it myself in other way: the icons my theme was using came from the gnome default theme... so i replaced the start-here.png of that theme with your icon (just like you explain) and that just did it. By the way, i resized your icon to 24x24 cause the small size you did (36x36 i think) looks too big for me :P and makes the other icons of the panel to grow when installed.

^^ now my panel looks really cool with your icon. Really Thanks. - Mar 08 2009
Ok... so i found the folder of the theme i'm using on /usr/share/icons but there is no start-here.png file in it. what can i do? thanks for the quick answer! - Mar 03 2009
Is there a easy way to install it? i just cant find the default theme folder. I use ubuntu 8.10 - Mar 03 2009