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Daniel de Gruchy-Lambert

Wallpaper Other by shanesemler 2 comments

Hey, YO THE MAN!!!
I didn't actually expect you to do it, that shows that you obviously someone who respects the people who use your creations.
Thanks again for doing my request, and it is perfect to what I had in mind!!
This is THE wallpaper
:)))))))))) - Sep 10 2003

Wallpaper Other by shanesemler 2 comments

Hi I love your background, but I have a request to ask that would make it always my background!
You see the green doesn't coordinate with my desktop very well and gets to me after a while, so could you make a greyscale version where the background would be grey and the little alien and his text white?
This would be great if you could
Thanks and keep it up
Dan - Sep 09 2003
Text Karmaba

Karamba & Superkaramba by mohindar 10 comments

I think this is great, if all you need is functionality, it is perfect.
I also LOVE the Backdrop where did you get it from?
PS Is it possible to disable things like the text based menu at the bottom and replace that with (eg) OSX bar but still keep the other aspects?
- Jul 23 2003