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Alex Schuster Kí¶ln, Germany
Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal

Plasma Comic Sources 1 comment

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Jun 28 2009
I do not get any new strips for some days now. The last working one is number 2652. - Jul 02 2012
Wulffmorgenthaler (en)

Plasma Comic Sources 7 comments

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Apr 14 2018
For some days now it has stopped working. Probably because the comic has changed the name to WUMO, and is located at - Jul 02 2012
Wow, that's quick. Thanks! - Jan 18 2011
For some weeks now, this plasma comic does not seem to work. I guess the URL has changed. - Jan 18 2011
Tom des Tages

Plasma Comic Sources 7 comments

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Aug 16 2015
Take your time, I just wanted to make sure the maintainer ist still around, and I don't have to take any further action :)
Yes, the cartoon is being enjoyed very much, thanks for making it available. - Sep 04 2011
Cool, thanks for finding this out! It's working again.
Christian, are you reading this? It would be great if the comic were updated so it would work again for others, too. - Sep 03 2011
I can confirm this, no new Tom comics for a week or so. Opening the website still works, maybe the URL of the image itself changed or something. - Aug 30 2011

Plasma 4 Extensions 84 comments

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Sep 11 2013
I like the idea! This is a useful one.

But it breaks top, showing the most CPU-intensive process only. What about getting the normal top output and extracting the first entry there? Of course this would still be a problem for people with a customized .toprc.

Because I have six desktops with different plasmoids, and because I'd like to always see it, I'd prefer to have it in the panel. But it's quite small there, the process name does not fit and has to be guessed. What about a (optional?) mouseover effect? - Jul 21 2011

Wallpaper Other 2 comments

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Jul 05 2011
Wow, this is a nice one! Thanks.

BTW; do others also have trouble downloading the file with Akregator? I get a tab containing the source code. There is no context menu, and Ctrl-C gives a message that this combination is ambigious. But I can see no other shortcut.

I was able to save the file by selecting all text, opening another editor and dragging the text into it. - Jul 06 2011
Sunrise in Germany

Wallpaper Other 1 comment

by isaf
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Jul 02 2011
Nice! But what about a thumbnail for preview? - Jul 02 2011
SteampunK KSplash Theme

KDE 4 Splashscreens 38 comments

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Jan 15 2012
Wow, this is really cool!

If only... there were no Kubuntu lettering, I'm a Gentoo user. What about making a version for every major distribution? Quite some work, yes, but many more people might want to use it then.
- May 31 2011
CPU and System Viewer

Plasma 4 Extensions 10 comments

Score 80.4%
Feb 20 2012
2) Okay, I see it, but I have to look very closely on my desktop to notice.

4) I have two cores only, and wouldn't mind an additional graph, could even be the same color. And maybe some temperature reading would be nice, instead of used RAM which is always high anyway. But that's not important. Not at all.

5) Just an idea, I like gadgets to do multiple things. Starting the System Activity was a good idea. What else?
- Start any shell command that has been configured
- Disable/Enable some graphs
- Or toggle between two modes: CPU/Memory/Swap, and CPU temp / Board temp / HD temp.

Again, it's just an idea, nothing I would really miss. 1) is most important, because it doesn't display well with the standard KDE theme. I guess others will also have this problem.
- May 30 2011
I really like it. Simple, but useful.


- With the default KDE theme (the light bluish one, Air I think) the values are very hard to read when the plasmoid is in the panel. So I'd like to have the percent value in dark, not white. Either by configuring manually, or by the plasmoid itself choosing sane values according to the theme.

- What exactly is the opaque background supposed to do? I either get a black frame around the percent values, or not. I don't see a change in the background.

- The experimental sqaure aspect ratio option looks more like a fixed aspec ratio option.

- Maybe support for showing multiple graphs for each core? Probably no good idea for the panel, but when outside in larger size, this might be nice. of course, someone will also suggest to add all other sorts of graphs (free space, temperatures, ...). Not really important.

- It launches the system activity utility when clicked, which is nice. What about making this command customizeable? Or adding another command for the middle mouse button?

Whops, I got a plasma crash! - May 30 2011

Wallpaper Other 1 comment

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Oct 05 2011
The preview looks nice, but the actual image cannot be found. - May 26 2011

Plasma 4 Extensions 19 comments

Score 82.4%
Apr 28 2011
Nice, although similar to the filewatcher plasmoid. Two things I want to suggest:

1) Configurable font. I would like to make the font somewhat smaller.

2) An option to act like tail --follow=name. Tail -f normally follows the inode, so when the file is being renamed (e.g. by logrotate), the new file will not be monitored. - Apr 27 2011
ALSA Volume Control plasmoid

Plasma 4 Extensions 62 comments

by F1ash
Score 83.0%
Apr 01 2014
Yes, it it working now. I'll think I'll keep using it, it's easier now to control both PCM and Front without having to open the KMix window.

I had one strange problem though: Suddenly, many of my runing plasmoids disappeared, and a folder view plasmoid I have running on one desktop suddenly appeared on several desktops. Weird, but at least things were okay when I logged in again.

But it may also be the fault of the 'Mixeroid' plasmaoid which I added to the desktop just before I tried yours.

Or it was a random bug that has nothing to do with both. - Mar 04 2011
I installed dev-python/pyalsaaudio, that alone does not help. And I don't seem to have a package like kdebase-workspace-python-applet in Gentoo.

It's no problem, the normal volume applet is okay for me, I just wanted to try yours when I saw the announcement on KDE-Look. - Feb 21 2011
I only get a red icon with an white cross in it. With the mouse over it, I get a message (translated to English): Mini-progam could not be loaded. The python-script-driver for plasmaVolume cound not be initialized.

KDE 4.6.0, Gentoo Linux - Feb 21 2011

Plasma 4 Extensions 42 comments

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Dec 12 2010
Same problem here with KDE 4.5.4 on Gentoo Linux. Installing dev-python/pyalsaaudio does not help. - Dec 14 2010
Kood Morning

Plasma 4 Extensions 26 comments

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Nov 15 2010
This is reproducible. The plasmoid works, I resize it to quite small and put it to where I want it to be. But when I log out and back in again, the size is larger, not sure if it is the original size, I think it's a little less. When I then start resizing it again, plasma will crash after a few seconds. - Dec 14 2010
I had some plasma crashes when resizing the plasmoid. I filed a bug report (, but was advised to contact you instead. Done :)

I had two crashes so far, and removed the plasmoid, but now I have put it back to see if it happens again. Tell me if can do more to debug this. - Dec 09 2010

Plasma 4 Extensions 4 comments

Score 58.0%
Oct 09 2009
Nice utility. But:

  • The white font is really really hard to read. I would like an option to change it.

  • I prefer logs to go from top to bottom, but here it's the other way around. A switch for this would be nice.

  • Maybe an optional scroll bar?

  • What about some notification (slight variation in background clor or something) that tells me whether emerge is currently runing or not?

  • These features would be cool, and I'd like much to use it. At the moment I have it running just for fun, but I can hardly read it. - Feb 25 2010

    Audio Extractors/Converters
    by HessiJames

    Score 87.6%
    May 19 2012