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Karamba & Superkaramba

Karamba & Superkaramba 326 comments

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Nov 16 2004
And the possibility to delete Images, or at least overwrite them (not write over them -> problems with transparency!) - Apr 23 2003
Add a contextmenu-entry to edit the script! Makes developing much easier :) - Apr 23 2003
hahaha works now for me :)
i dont know why, so forget my post above - Apr 22 2003
yep, the tooltip and datepicker would be cool :) - Apr 22 2003
ok! but one question:
is it normal that the python script doesnt load when reloading the theme? no matter which version I use - precompiled or selfcompiled - always this damned error.
makes testing a lot more time-intensive :( - Apr 21 2003
But no tray here? Maybe in the next major release?? - Apr 21 2003
as I know a bit C++, I'm wondering how Python knows, for example, where Loops end (there are no brackets). Does it check the tabstops?? - Apr 21 2003
hehe i already tried to find sth with my weak c++ knowledge, now i'm a bit depressed ;)

I'm looking forward to your new release :)
The systray is the only thing I need for my kickbar kicker replacement! - Apr 20 2003
Hi, I love you awesome karamba extension!

but, is it possible to include a - Apr 20 2003
RoundBar for SuperKaramba

Karamba & Superkaramba 57 comments

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May 11 2003
I suppose you killed your kicker?

Without kicker, karamba can't "dcop" with kicker, so there's no KMenu :( - Apr 23 2003
ok, the file is on its way.

it would be cool if you could include it in your package, so I dont have to make my own which would be almost the same ;) - Apr 23 2003
Yes, it's in fact just the workframe for showing the icons dynamically.
You have to hack it anyway to build the zoom etc :)
The script scans the selected directories for .deskop files (KDE Links) and uses the information given there.
I'll mail it to you - Apr 23 2003
I made a python script which generates the bar completely DYNAMICALLY!
Just place some links in a folder, and the bar does the rest for you.

Are you interested? ;) - Apr 23 2003
another thing:

I suggest you us
dcop kicker kicker popupKMenu 200x250
for the kmenu, so it always appears right at the same point :) - Apr 23 2003
Great work, I love it :)

I'll have to change the time and the desktop selector, because I already have those. - Apr 23 2003
Dynamic Bar - Smooth Zoom

Karamba & Superkaramba 102 comments

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Apr 29 2003
In order to run this script, download the SuperKaramba package somewhere here on this site. It's able to run scripts (yes, the .py files ;) ) automatically along with your theme.
Once you got superkaramba, load the .theme file as usual - Apr 23 2003
Fixed heavy bug preventing kde apps from starting!

Plz download it again!!! - Apr 23 2003
Kickbar - My Slickbar Modification

KDE Plasma Screenshots 8 comments

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Apr 22 2003
it's fixed now
but it's still just a screenshot until systray and taskbar is included in karamba :( - Apr 22 2003
so, is anyone here so keen and writes a tiny app which does nothing except from showing the desktop?? - Apr 21 2003
Does anybody, by chance, know the code for showing the desktop / hiding all windows (dcop maybe) ??

And does anybody know the params to call - Apr 20 2003
SuperKaramba Mac Os X Bar - smooth zoom

Karamba & Superkaramba 10 comments

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Apr 23 2003
Runs absolutely smooth.....
Tuxbar doesnt, and I dont understand why :( - Apr 22 2003
SuperKaramba TuxBar with SMOOTH zoom

Karamba & Superkaramba 74 comments

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Apr 23 2003
Thanks for this theme!

Although I dont use the bar, I needed a good python example :) - Apr 20 2003
SlickBar for SuperKaramba

Karamba & Superkaramba 282 comments

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Jan 08 2004
YES! finally someone told me how to open that damned k menu! always searched for it to make my MacOSX-Bar work!

Thxalot :) - Apr 10 2003