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john doe , Netherlands
GTK Leopard

GTK2 Themes by eamon63 58 comments

Dear eamon63,

I registrated here on gnome-look especially to be able to comment on your GTK theme. :-D

I've using it since your may 11th version. I was always looking for a good Mac theme.

I very much like the fact that you included a larger corner that responds to the arrow cursor on the bottom right of a window (most other osx-inspired themes unfortunately IMO have set it to a too small spot making it very hard to change the size of a window with your mouse), and I'm also pleased by the fact u use a lighter grey color in the theme than most osx-inspired themes out there (which I generally find a tad to dark). Maybe it would be even better if you enable the possibility to change the theme colors though.

Your june 6 version fix hit the spot on Open Office by removing the ugly dark lines that appeared in the top menu in your earlier versions.

Keep up the great work!

Sincere greetings,

Wiebeest - Jun 07 2009