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Jennifer Hogan
Pinux's Tux Cursors Theme

Cursors by pinux 77 comments

These are great. I am using them right now. makes me wish FC3 had an icon logo.

The only thing I have noticed is that the link mouse image seems to have some jaggies around the globe. Maybe it's just my screen. (LCD, 1280x1024) - Jan 09 2005

KDE 3.5 Themes by PaT 347 comments

Odd... whenever I try to install this style and Krisp, I can't. Say I install Lipstik and then install Krisp; Lipstik is gone now. Same for trying it in the other order. I like both these styles and wanted to see what they look like first-hand. I got my answer for that, but encountered this strange behaviour. Any ideas? - Jan 05 2005