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by whilo
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Feb 25 2009
here it is. - Feb 25 2009
it is an alpha! i have not chosen this name out of a mood. can you send me your cmake changes? I'll have a look if i have missed sth. - Feb 25 2009
This means most likely that there is some incompatibility inbetween KBlogger and your installation. You should at least send all information about your installation... and a backtrace if possible (you need a debug build for that).

whilo - Mar 20 2008
Publish decides if the post will be published on the server side. Sending always sends the post to a local draft "queue" (the draft item of the account in the left-side list-view) and the posts are only sent to the server if you hit "sync media and entries".

whilo - Mar 20 2008
Fixed in 0.7beta3.

whilo - Jan 18 2008
I have fixed the esc issue and I have fixed the DateTime issue for UTC time. Test 0.7beta3 please.

I most likely won't make it a systray application, neither in KDE3 nor in KDE4, since I don't think there is any reason for KBlogger to be open all the time. The applet layout in 0.7 and earlier is not the nicest, but we focus on KBlogger 1.0 for KDE4 now.

Comment moderation is not supported by the apis. Maybe Atom API will fix this.

whilo - Jan 18 2008
use "cmake ." - Jan 18 2008
It wasn't supposed to do it like that. But Antonio changed it to the new behaviour. As far as I know KBlogger for KDE 4, won't have this problem.

whilo - Aug 01 2007
If is your Wordpress installation, you have to add /xmlrpc.php to it.



P.S.: Sorry for responding so late. KBlogger for KDE 4 is in the pipe ;-) - Aug 01 2007
the stylesheet error is harmless. You have to configure your blog correctly.
What blog software are you using, Wordpress?
Hope it works now,
whilo - Aug 01 2007
It works for me (About dialog shows 0.7-beta1). Which file have you downloaded?

whilo - Jun 21 2007
No sorry. Google has changed its API and it doesn't support the old one.
I'm working on that for KDE 4.

whilo - Mar 20 2007
It supports both MetaWeblog API and Blogger API 1.0, which can be used with Wordpress. I suggest MetaWeblog API, since it has all features needed.

w - Mar 18 2007
I've got the same problem, too. Thanks for your information. Maybe I'll be able to fix it.

whilo - Nov 28 2006
no sorry, no dcop yet. it's a little bit stupid to start working on dcop now, since kde svn is dbus already. it would make sense to add dbus support though. i'm not sure about the blogging solution for kde 4.
either kontact learns blogging and other programs can use the dbus interface, but that means everybody needs kontact, or we do a plasma applet with dbus support and kontact can use that one for its journal part.
but still there would be the problem that kontact gets new dependencies which is not allowed, i don't know how the handle the ipc dependencies. i don't think it would be a problem, if it's an optional component.
finally there is the possibility to put everything necessary in a lib and do an plasma applet with dbus support and a kontac component with dbus support. this is double work though.
whilo - Jul 18 2006
which blogging gateway do you use? it only works if the gateway supports blog-id fetching via blogger api. you also have to add your username and the password. once you entered all three entries and change the entry field it should try to fetch the id. you can also kill and start kicker from a shell and send the debug output. maybe the helps. you must have enabled debug support in kblogger though.
if it doesn't work try to find out the gateway yourself.
whilo - Jul 18 2006
*g* - May 18 2006
- thanks, the code for the menu is from knewsticker
- link support is planned for 0.6
- doesn't know about the help page problem, it works here - May 17 2006
sorry for the crash, it's an issue in the beta and will be fixed in 0.6.
you cannot enter a title because blogger api doesn't support it. blogging apis are a nightmare, there is no standard available, which supports all or the best features.

p.s.: i'm afraid of your avatar ;-) - May 17 2006
this is the typical way of configuring kicker applets, so i don't want to go another way. plasma will most likely change that. could you please attach a backtrace and mail me? kill kicker and execute kicker in a shell, than send me the result of the crash. you should build kblogger with ./configure --enable-debug=full
whilo - May 01 2006
Now it can! It will be in the next version. But sending pictures is only supported by MetaWeblog API. has no API for that :-(.
whilo - Apr 12 2006

the url of the gateway is

you can use either blogger api 1.0 or metaweblogapi. both are supported by kblogger. metaweblogapi is better though.

i don't know how you get the blog-id out of wordpress, but most likely you can fetch it from the urls in the web-interface.

whilo - Mar 29 2006
Not yet, since I'll start to work on the blogging backend of Kontact now. You'll maybe get a full blown blog client with Kontact in KDE 4. But I can't promise anything. KBlogger is not intended to be that fat and I'm still new to Qt/KDE programming. - Mar 26 2006
kblogger cannot fetch your blogid at the moment, so you have to find the information somewhere on the net. i'm sorry, i have not much time at the moment and blog-id fetching requires a lot of xml parsing. since i don't want to get a libxml2 pro and i don't want to add needless dependencies, i decided to let the user find out the id himself. maybe you can get an id from the url, when logging in your account. for me it is simply ..&blogid=1 since i use my own webserver. - Jan 16 2006
this is mysterious to me. can somebody please verify this problem, since i cannot find any problems in the source... i use only metaweblog though.
could you please add more information or compile it with the ./configure --enable-debug command. after reinstallation kill kicker and restart it from a shell, you'll get a lot of output from kblogger. please post it either here or to my mail, don't forget to remove any login information.
thx, whilo - Jan 16 2006
I cannot find any info about the xmlrpc backend on the wordpress site. I guess it supports both bloggerAPI and metaWeblogAPI. If you find related info, could you please post it here?
Christian - Sep 30 2005
fixed the packaging problem for 0.3 - Sep 30 2005
Well I'm German, too and I can use äüöß in my metaWeblog at This can also depend on your browser, can you see the Utf-8 entry in my blog? KBlogger doesn't use entities, therefore it depends on your browser and the languages you installed. - Sep 28 2005
i'll keep it simple, it's only an applet and for full support you can open your webinterface anyway. i'm currently thinking about how to improve the integration with kicker, it doesn't look very slick on transparent kickers now. - Sep 27 2005
I'm working on it. Currently I have to recheck spellchecking for my whole system, since it doesn't work at all at the moment. I hope I can fix it soon. - Sep 27 2005
I rechecked that and I'm also new to automake. I think you have to use a command like this:
WANT_AUTOCONF_2_5="1" WANT_AUTOMAKE_1_6="1" gmake -f Makefile.cvs

I of course prechecked ./configure && make && make install and it worked perfectly for me. Could you please put the output and more details on your problem?
By the way I'm very happy that you like it! :-)
Has anybody tried to post non-latin-1- chars (utf support) to his blog? - Sep 27 2005
I thinks it has it's own api. Blogger (blogspot)-api support is planned for the next release. - Sep 27 2005

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by orvio
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Oct 23 2009

since you are back with your great app, you might be interested in joining efforts with us and help getting at least KBlog in kdepimlibs, but maybe also KBlogger in playground/trunk, in shape. I fully understand that you have written a LiveJournal client and that it is your baby, but it would be *really* great for us to have another member in the kde blogging team. Looking on your source I have to say that you have done great work here and you could really help us to improve the KBlog/KBlogger code and add the LiveJournal gimmicks to our code. On the other side KBlogger already supports many great features, like GData(KBlog), autoconfiguration, preview and richtext editor including preview, multiblog support and media management, so we might port parts of your code/knowledge over to it. I would like to invite you to #kblogger on freenode to discuss cooperation.

duns_s - Jan 18 2008
Buuf for KDE (KDE 3)

Full Icon Themes 63 comments

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Oct 22 2007
O.k. great. Maybe you could add the sentence with the cc-sa license to the license section.

I've downloaded the version now and I can't find the kpdf icon.

Other icons missing:
the icon for media:/ (e.g. in dolphin)+
a plain camera icon (without _mounted/_unmounted)
folder_documents (maybe just clone folder_text?)+
Icons for KDE-Edu
KDE-Bluetooth Icons+
KWallet (KWalletManager)+

This is quite a lot and still incomplete, but getting a consistant icon-set for an up-to-date linux distribution is a really hard task as one can see here on kde-look, since there are so many applications available.
Therefore I've added a plus to the applications I personally miss the most.

I hope you can add them.

P.S.: Once again, I really like your Iconset. - Jul 08 2007
Could you please specify a clear license? All rights reserved is very unspecific and very restrictive.

Maybe something like creative commons share alike non commercial license could be used?

This would clarify what i might do with the icon set and what not.

I hope you can talk to Paul to clarify it.


P.S.: I like it a lot. KPdf and other graphics viewer icons are missing though. - Jul 07 2007

Audio Extractors/Converters 608 comments

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Oct 01 2017
diff -Naur soundkonverter-0.2.90/src/metadata/ soundkonverter-0.2.90_new/src/metadata/
--- soundkonverter-0.2.90/src/metadata/ 2006-08-31 16:28:04.000000000 +0200
+++ soundkonverter-0.2.90_new/src/metadata/ 2006-11-20 05:56:45.000000000 +0100
@@ -4,7 +4,7 @@

-libmetadata_la_SOURCES = tagengine.cpp tagengine.cpp tplugins.cpp
+libmetadata_la_SOURCES = tagengine.cpp tplugins.cpp
SUBDIRS = wma audible rmff aac m4a ape
libmetadata_la_LIBADD = $(taglib_libs) wma/ \
audible/ rmff/ aac/ $(MP4_LDADD) \
diff -Naur soundkonverter-0.2.90/src/pluginloader/ soundkonverter-0.2.90_new/src/pluginloader/
--- soundkonverter-0.2.90/src/pluginloader/ 2006-08-31 16:27:59.000000000 +0200
+++ soundkonverter-0.2.90_new/src/pluginloader/ 2006-11-20 05:57:22.000000000 +0100
@@ -5,5 +5,5 @@

libpluginloader_la_SOURCES = pluginloaderbase.cpp \
- convertpluginloader.cpp convertpluginloader.cpp pluginloaderbase.cpp replaygainpluginloader.cpp formatinfoloader.cpp \
+ convertpluginloader.cpp replaygainpluginloader.cpp formatinfoloader.cpp \

It is a duplicate entry in the Makefiles.

whilo - Nov 20 2006

Video Apps 44 comments

by kraus
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Jul 22 2007
could you please add a search box for the channels. it can be very annoying to search a channel in a few hundred channels on dvb-s.

whilo - Sep 26 2006

Graphic Apps 56 comments

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Aug 18 2010
i've also thought about a kio-slave for kflickr. it would be nice to add pictures by plug and play. a problem is that you cannot add tags, ... that way. maybe this is still possible?

whilo - Aug 22 2006

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by jkyro
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Aug 12 2006
And who else?

whilo - Aug 13 2006
yes that's true. it's a big pity since no api has all features. some blogging apis support more features other do not support everything and there is no api standard. i need to implement an atom api kioslave just to support the new blogger api and the only new feature would be the title. no uploads, categories, ...

by the way i like your idea. i should dive into kde 4/ blog programming soon ;-)

whilo - Aug 12 2006
crystal Gentoo bootsplash

Bootsplash Various 9 comments

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Sep 04 2006
could you please update your links.

whilo - Aug 12 2006

Amarok 1.x Scripts 126 comments

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Feb 26 2008
Could you please add the needed functionality to get automatical transcoding working for the media devices in 1.4beta1 or later. It would be great to simply plug your mp3 device in, copy anything (no matter which format) on it and you are done.
whilo - Feb 20 2006
The Thing KDE

Wallpapers KDE Plasma 7 comments

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Jun 02 2005
I'm sorry but what is this green thing? Maybe it's the thing, but I think something little bit more concrete would be better (maybe a "glass-konqui" you can find a blender model of konqui here: . Or could you just add a version without the green thing? For example "The Without-the-green-thing-Thing..." ;-) - Jun 02 2005
Gentoo KDE Splash

KDE 3.x Splash Screens 1 comment

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Mar 27 2005
I like the design of the splash screen, but could you please add a version with KDE 3.4 Krystal or Nuvola icons? Greetings,

whilo - Mar 28 2005
Improving KDE (for KDE 3.4)

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements 43 comments

by f10nk
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Mar 06 2005
This has been discussed already on the kde-devel mailing list:

Since Trolltech does not accept the QT patches (they work on QT 4 now), this won't get into KDE CVS. - Mar 06 2005
sorry, but you are definitely to late. the feature freeze has been over 2 month ago and so it is neither in the rc nor in 3.4.
i'm using the rc currently and it is not in it. try it yourself... - Mar 03 2005