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Mark Grant
Karamba & Superkaramba

System Software 12 comments

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May 18 2007
Glad to hear you're still working on this.

I'd be interested to know how you're dealing with the problem of being able to have multiple files with the same name in the same folder. I have written a convenient (for me at least) command line frontend to libtmp and I have just ignored the problem. - Apr 19 2007
I think I need to play with my udev/hotplug settings to get the non-root user to work as I don't have a usb or plugdev group but I'll get that working eventually.

Glad to hear you are still working on this. Excellent project!

You might want to consider explaining what mtp transfer gives people in your announcement on kde-apps though :) I think some people might not realise! - Apr 09 2007
Just what we need! Great work.

It only works as root for me but then so does gnomad2 but I can live with that :)

Do you intend to continue to develop this?

I really hope so because this is something that could be extremely useful.

Thanks for starting this - Apr 07 2007
karamba photo album notifier

Karamba & Superkaramba 13 comments

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Apr 30 2003

I am very glad you liked this theme. This and my adapted weather theme (which I never released) are the only two karamba themes I still use. I did do one more addition to the theme which included a system monitor on top of the photo, with the clock and the mail. I didn't release it but you can e-mail me if you want it.

I think the bug you found must be because you have a different layout than me. I have a directory called "albums" and then sub-direcories underneath containing pictures. The script searches through all the subdirectories for pictures. If you don't have the sub-directories, then your change might be required. If you do only have the one directory though you could, change the $TOP variable to point to the directory above your picture directory and use the $include variable to only look through your picture directory.

Actually I run in a much higher resolution so haven't noticed the "off the screen problem". maybe I should put it in the comment.

I don't have plans to adapt it to superkaramba because I feel the way superkaramba has been implemented has completely destroyed the project. Even the original auhor has said he won't be working on karamba any more. It's a shame because the original karamba was a fantastic design but, in my view, superkaramba is just a hack that produces a million different replacements for kicker that nobody will use for more than a couple of days. - May 28 2003
You need the NET::Pop3 module.

If you have the CPAN perl module install, just run "perl -MCPAN -e shell" and then at the prompt
type "install Net::POP3". The whole install will be done automatically for you. If you've never used the CPAN module before, it'll go through a config thing first but automatic configuration will probably be OK.

If you don't have the CPAN module, you'll have to go to and search for Net::POP3. THe install instructions are pretty clear. - Apr 19 2003
I Just did a test download myself and found that the wrong version of the script is on the site!

I'll upload the new version again now + a small update that puts a clock on there too, if you want it. - Apr 16 2003
Actually, the original script scaled all pictures to one size. This one scales to one of two sizes depending on the aspect ratio.

I did have a version that scaled to a ratio instead of an absolute size but small pictures turned out really small and some large pictures got clipped by the size of the karamba window (I'm hoping Hans will include dcop calls in a future version so we can dynamicaly change the karamba window size).

I'll do an update so that you can choose either fixed size correct or scaling.

Regards - Apr 16 2003
karamba with Easy RSS

Karamba & Superkaramba 12 comments

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Apr 30 2003

Apologies if I sound like I was ragging on SuperKaramba. I think it is a cool hack and does look pretty damn good. I think my concern with it is that it seems to have such different goals to Karamba that using the name and even, originally, releasing versions called Karamba rather than waiting for Hans to get back from vacation could be misinterpreted. I don't think for a moment you intended to steal, or even fork Hans' code. I can understand the enthusiasm with which SuperKaramba burst onto the scene!

I really like Karamba and can see, perhaps with dcop calls and a few bells and whistles, it could turn into a way for anybody with a little scripting, to be able to get their output into the GUI. With the above dcop interface, it could even be quite sophisticated but SuperKaramba is a way more ambitious project. It is an exciting project too but it's much more than the simple yet useful tool that Karamba is. I feel that while you are so closely associated with SuperKaramba you just might eclipse it so that a useful tool will be gone. Your tool is also useful but being much more sophisticated, is less accessable to the average script dabbler.

Anyway, apologies if I sounded overly critical.

Regards - Apr 30 2003
Please submit this as a patch to vanilla Karamba before worrying about SuperKaramba. Karamba is still the "official" version and Hans seems to have had his work somewhat enthusiasticly "borrowed". Karamba also is, in it's design, a generic tool with few dependencies and the potential to grow into something useful to a wide audience. SuperKaramba seems to me to be a cool hack but with very little design and thought for the wider community other than to see who can produce a OS-X like panel the quickest. - Apr 30 2003
Debian woody package of SuperKaramba

Karamba & Superkaramba 52 comments

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Oct 21 2003
I don't agree that these two packages should be merged. Karamba is a nice generic tool that doesn't do too much but does it well and with no fuss and so much flexibility that it can be used for surprisingly complex tasks. SuperKaramba adds all sorts of funky eye-candy but at the expense of the flexibility that karamba has. SuperKaramba's main aim seems to be to produce a OS-X like panel (which it does beautifully) but to me, karamba is not the "tool" that shoul be used for this. Seems to me that SuperKaramba should be merged with kicker, not Karamba.

I think these patches have killed off Karamba. - Apr 28 2003
Karamba SuSE RPM 0.32b (superkaramba)

Karamba & Superkaramba 43 comments

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Sep 12 2003
If he doesn't want to include these patches in his tree does this mean you intend to hijack his code? You should at least call your patches something else rather just release it as a new version without the authors permission. - Apr 19 2003
Karamba patched

Karamba & Superkaramba 74 comments

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Apr 18 2003
This looks like a fork of karamba to me. - Apr 19 2003
This is a good hack against karamba and I can see the coolness factor. However, wouldn't this start moving karmba to be just a kicker replacement rather then the generic tool it is now. The icon zooming is rather funky but the calendar thing can be done with dcop calls in a script.

I still voted this good but am not sure I'd want to see it in the karamba source. - Apr 18 2003

Ice-WM Themes 4 comments

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Apr 16 2003
Great looking decoration. Only thing I would say is that the way it's packaged doesn't work IF you follow the instructions for installing icewm decorations within KDE. I admit that your instructions and script work but it might be confusing for some.

Otherwise, very nice work!

Regards - Apr 16 2003

Karamba & Superkaramba 222 comments

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Apr 14 2003
This would give enormous potential for
really cool things. Scripts could create the karamba configuration file required for the output they want to display! Scripts could change the configuration file they were run from and get it reloaded on the fly!

Go for it!

Regards - Apr 15 2003

Various Stuff 7 comments

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Nov 23 2002
I had this problem for ages but after I installed liquid 0.9.6pre1 the problem has gone away. Sometimes, when adding something to the task bar or changing the icon, you need to do a quick "dcop kicker kicker restart" but apart from that, it works fine for me now. - Nov 24 2002